Earth Day: 3 Eco-Friendly Celebrity Moms


By: CelebrityBabyScoop

Hollywood is going green!

On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day. From Gisele Bündchen to Jessica Alba, let’s take a look at three green celebrity moms who inspire others to protect Mother Nature.

◦   Jessica Alba:

Actress Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren are parents to two daughters: Honor, 5½ and Haven, 2½. 

Shortly after her second daughter arrived, the Fantastic Four star partnered with Christopher Gavigan, dad-of-two and founder of Healthy Child Healthy World, to create The Honest Company, an online source to purchase eco-friendly baby/kid products.

The Sin City actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how she encourages her girls to minimize their carbon footprint.

“First and foremost, we try to model and practice eco-friendly habits for the girls,” she shared. “Otherwise, we talk to them about being mindful and explain that things can be turned into something else one day. This can be as simple as teaching them about recyclables and showing how to sort bottles and cans from trash.”

She added: “We also do a lot of DIY crafts like using cardboard boxes to make airplanes and dollhouses—our creative playtime together similarly shows the girls about repurposing old items.”

The mom-of-two is all about living eco-friendly on a daily basis.

“Involving children in gardening and cooking is another great way to inspire eco-friendly living,” she said. “Caring for the plants in our herb wall garden helps Honor understand the steps to growing food (including patience!), how it ultimately lands on her plate, and about being a good steward of the planet.”

“Honor is also a great sous chef when we’re in the kitchen, so being a part of the dinner process encourages her to eat the foods she grows and develops her taste for fresh ingredients,” she continued. “Hopefully, this lays the foundation for children to prioritize their health and that of the planet.”

◦   Alicia Silverstone:

Alicia Silverstone is one outspoken green mama!

The actress caused quite a stir with a video that went viral. The Clueless star was seen feeding her then- 11-month-old son Bear Blu mouth-to-mouth on her eco-friendly blog The Kind Life.

She wrote: “I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum! I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite…and mine.”

Alicia and her husband Christopher Jarecki live in a Los Angeles home with solar panels and an organic vegetable garden. The actress is an advocate for animal rights and environmental issues and became a vegan in 1998. She shares her eco-friendly tips on her official website.

“The Kind Life is an interactive extension of my book, “The Kind Diet”, which is about living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest, while taking care of mama Earth at the same time!,” Alicia writes on her blog. “The site is whatever you make of it; whether it’s joining the many others who are on this same journey or simply visiting to gather information and other tips. Whatever you need, you will find it here. I will be sharing all kinds of tasty morsels with you; from fashion and beauty tips, to simple ways that we can help the planet! By the time you’re done with your visit, your mouth will be watering and you will surely want to crash here forever. So come on in, kick off your shoes and check out all sorts of recipes, my favorite foods, nutritional information from doctors that are in the book, the very best restaurants, amazing travel discoveries, party planning tips, ways to make sure your house is as healthy and green as possible, great pet care tips, and so much more.”

Alicia is also vocal about elimination communication, the eco-friendly potty training technique coined by Ingrid Bauer, author of Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene.

“When Bear Blu was 5-months-old,” the proud mama tweeted, “[S]aturday bear blu went poo and pee on toilet 4x throughout the day…we were so proud! “Check out book Diaper Free..soo fun!” The actress added, “yesterday bear did 2 poops in toilet….so sweet! i’m saving so many diapers…even cloth ones….yahoooo! and it’s so fun!”

◦   Gisele Bündchen:

Supermodel mom Gisele Bündchen has long been an advocate of going green. The Brazilian beauty says that her children – Benjamin, 4, Vivian, 1, and 6-year-old stepson Jack – have made the importance of the message really hit home.

“I had my first munchkin, Jack (husband Tom Brady’s son with Bridget Moynahan), before I gave birth to Benjamin,” Gisele said. “After spending so much time with Jack I saw how he wanted to play with the stuff I was using instead of the toys we bought him. In terms of clothes, I bought Jack so many clothes and am now using them for Benjamin. Look, when I was growing up my sisters and I wore hand-me-downs and am now doing the same thing. This all goes back to my motto: Reduce, recycle and reuse. The more we buy the more we encourage the manufacturers to produce more stuff.”

Also a fan of elimination communication, Gisele said Benjamin was potty trained at 6-months-old! How did she do it?

The model mom said that her son was on a schedule including breastfeeding in the morning and afternoon, promptly followed by a bowel movement, making it easy for her to put him on the toilet and eliminate the use of a diaper. Of the process she said,

“Give it about five minutes, and bang,” admitting with a laugh that she realizes the process is actually, “more complicated.”


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Bringing Home a Pet

Are you raising an animal lover? If so, chances are they’ve already asked for a puppy, kitten, Guinea pig, lizard, snake or bird of their own. Bringing home a pet is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly – especially if you have young kids in your home. I’ve put together some tips and advice to help ensure your decision is the right one – whatever that may be.

Pick the Right Pet: There are lots of different pets to choose from. In our case, my wife and I already had two small dogs prior to having kids. Our dogs are old now, but when my toddlers began asking for other pets we decided on fish. It gave the kids extra responsibility because they had to help feed the fish and keep their bowl clean. This has worked quite well for my family, but your family might be completely different. It’s important to determine which pet is the right fit for your family, as all pets are different; they require different sorts of attention and lead different lives. Don’t rush into anything. Make certain your decision is thoroughly thought out as pets are a big commitment, and your new pet will be a part of your family for up to 20 years or more in some cases!

Get the Supplies: Once you determine which pet is right for your family the next thing you’ll need to do is pick up all of the necessary supplies. I suggest picking up all of the supplies before you bring your new pet home. Bring your child with you to pick out the supplies and let them help, so you can talk to them about the different things you’re buying and what they’re for. Do some research prior to heading out and ask questions while at your local pet store to ensure you get everything your new pet will need.

Involve Your Child: Involve your child in the process as much as possible and use every opportunity to reinforce responsibility while still allowing for excitement and anticipation. Read books, watch movies and television shows that discuss the importance of properly taking care of a pet and how kids can help do just that. Allow your child to help choose which type of pet and which type of breed you’ll be bringing home, and encourage them to do research in order to figure out what pet will be best for them and the family. If you have multiple children I suggest you hold a family meeting where each child can give their own input and express their excitement and concerns.

Be Responsible: Purchase your pet from a responsible breeder or adopt one from a local shelter if possible. If you need further education or help once your new pet comes home sign up for classes; there are now classes on everything from safe snake handling to puppy basic obedience – you’re not alone! Whatever you do, make sure you’re fully prepared and ready for the new experience prior to bringing your new pet home!

Happy parenting!


Daddy Nickell

Let’s Hear it for Mother Nature

Jefferson Memorial

There is a lot of talk,these days about the environment, global warming and protecting the earth. Everyone is working, hopefully, to reduce their carbon footprint. And even though this week is a little ahead of the traditional Earth Day, I was thinking it might be nice to give a little showcase to some events that highlight what Mother Nature has given us. Not so much as an environmental celebration like the upcoming 44 year old Earth Day; but in more of the beauty, wonder and appreciation way. Let me explain.

Nature gives us gifts, every minute. Some things we take for granted like the sunshine and sunsets, flowers, trees, produce and so much more. So I thought it would be nice to showcase events that use nature as a theme, sort of anyway. Ok, it’s simplistic and barely scratches the surface; but it speaks to the influence of nature in places that we might overlook.

Let’s explore what we have to offer. First up we have the Cherry Blossom Festivals and I have chosen two to include because I find them amazingly beautiful. When I was young, a street in our area had been lined with Cherry Blossoms for a few miles. Every year when they bloomed the town also placed large American flags next to each and it was one of the most beautiful and dramatic visions you every would see. So the Cherry Blossom festivals make the list. Also there is the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta that welcomes Spring and has won numerous awards for very environmentally conscious. Next up are a few festivals celebrating the earth’s harvest; like two avocado festivals, a strawberry festival and even a grits fest. Additionally we have two flower fests; a daffodil festival and a bluebonnet festival (not the margarine, the flower). And what would a tribute to nature be without a few events at the beach, one of my very favorite gifts that nature has given us. These featured events are a shark tooth festival and a sand fest.

Now I am not sure if it’s the upcoming Earth Day or the welcoming of Spring or even if it’s just that we love to celebrate what we know and appreciate it. Whatever the reason, this week our hats are off to Mother Nature and her wonderful planet Earth. Remember the next time you complain about taking the recycling out that we can never do enough to preserve what we have been given.  All you need to do is just open your eyes.


Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Apr 11, 2014 – Apr 13, 2014

Piedmont Park Atlanta, GA 30306

Since 1937, We have a fabulous artist market, an exciting kid zone, 4 stages of music, an award winning and nationally recognized Atlanta High School Art Exhibition, an International cultural program full of color and pageantry. In addition we have the best green component in any festival in the Southeast as determined by the Southeast Festival and Event Association, the Southeast Regional Disc Dog Competition, classic festival foods, a special comedy show, a Saturday night VIP Bar, the La Fete International Food and Wine event featuring a reggae band and a performance by Miss Georgia, the Friends of Dogwood Pavilion with superb food from Atlanta’s best restaurants and fine wine pairings. As a special feature of our 75th anniversary there will be a 9 story classic Seattle Ferris Wheel built in 1963 to give visitors a whole new perspective of Piedmont Park and Midtown, and a fully restored, 1965 vintage carousel for the entire family to enjoy.
230,000+ Attendees

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Apr 12, 2014 – Apr 13, 2014

Japantown San Francisco, CA 94115

Since 1967. Japanese music, dance, martial and visual arts, crafts, tea ceremonies, flower arranging and food bazaar. Event is held over two weekends.
200,000 Attendees

Avocado Festival

Apr 13, 2014

Downtown Fallbrook, CA 92028

Since 1987, celebration of the avocado in the “Avocado Capitol” with contests, entertainment, Main Street shops and street fair. Huge fun with 450 booths, arts, crafts, carnival, beer garde, avocado everything! Free admission, free parking, free shuttle. Music, contests, kids activities. A wide variety of agricultural displays are also found all along the Festival streets. What a fun-filled way to celebrate our heritage and be entertained at the same time
100,000 Attendees

Sharks Tooth Festival

Apr 11, 2014 – Apr 13, 2014

Venice Municipal Airport Festival Grounds Venice, FL 34285

Since 1992, enjoy shark memorabilia, marine exhibits, live music, pro-am volleyball, beach sports races, sandcastle contest, shark tooth scramble, fishing tournament, arts and crafts and fabulous seafood.
40,000 Attendees

National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

Apr 12, 2014

Downtown Washington, DC 20001

This annual parade is in conjunction with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It features marching bands from all 50 states as well as many foreign countries. Spectacular floats, costumed dance troupes giant helium balloons and celebrity guests. Wonderful event for children of all ages!
200,000 Attendees

Bluebonnet Trails Festival

Apr 12, 2014 – Apr 13, 2014

Historic Downtown Ennis, TX 75119

Since 1952, wildflower festival pays tribute to Texas State flower, includes close to 100 arts and crafts exhibitors, souvenirs, food, free trail maps, Bed and Breakfast and Hotel Bluebonnet specials. Also takes place throughout Downtown area.
40,000 Attendees

Daffodil Festival Junior Parade

Apr 12, 2014

Downtown Tacoma’s North End District Tacoma, WA 98406

Since 1963. A parade set up especially for the enjoyment and participation of children. Costumes, pets, music and non-motorized floats are all part of the day.
50,000 Attendees

Daffodil Marine Regatta

Apr 13, 2014

Tacoma Yacht Club Tacoma, WA 98407

Since 1953. A final culmination of the Daffodil weekend festivities with boats up and down the basin.
50,000 Attendees


Apr 11, 2014 – Apr 13, 2014

Port Aransas Beach Markers 9 and 10 Port Aransas, TX 78373

The Texas Sand Sculpture Festival, called “SandFest”, is an incredible three-day event held on the beach in Port Aransas, Texas on Mustang Island. Master sculptors fly in from all over the world to compete by creating huge life-size sand sculptures. See our web site for photos! In addition to the “Masters” contest we have sand contests for Youth, Amateurs, and Pro-Ams. SandFest has several tents with free activities such as and Entertainment Tent with live music and a Youth Tent with free games and crafts for the kids. “Lesson Mountain” has free sand sculpting lessons for ages 4 through 104. Our centerpiece is 250 tons of sand carved by over 20 master sculptors. SandFest is very family-oriented with things to do for everyone in the family. SandFest is amazing. People love the experience and return every year.
100,000 Attendees

Los Angeles AVOCADO Festival

Apr 13, 2014

La Placita Olvera Los Angeles, CA 90012

The avocado is very popular in cuisine dishes, meats, sandwiches, seafood, California sushi rolls, salads as well as a spread on corn tortillas or toast served with spices like the Mexican dip known as guacamole. At the “Los Angeles AVOCADO Festival” (free entrance to the public) in La Placita Olvera more than 15,000 people will taste a variety of dishes served with lots of Avocado or guacamole provided by all type of ethnic food vendors and local restaurants from the Los Angeles area. Attendees can also enjoy crafts, live entertainment, free raffle to win gifts, cooking recipe books, commercial products, free health screenings, services and information provided by all type of exhibitors.
15,000 Attendees


Maria can be reached directly at or @eventcrazy on Twitter or  visit her website at

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5 Celebrity Moms Who Embraced Their Post-Baby Bodies


By: CelebrityBabyScoop

The urgency to lose baby weight in Hollywood is almost as serious as an Oscar win.

Who dropped the postpartum pounds the fastest? Who debuted her post-baby body on a magazine cover? How much did she gain during her pregnancy?

Celebrity moms face these and many more questions when it comes to their bodies after baby. So when we hear moms like Kate Winslet and Mariska Hargitay embracing their postpartum figures, we can’t help but celebrate with them.

Let’s take a look at 5 celebrity moms who did not focus on fast weight loss, but instead embraced the postpartum period and their post-baby bodies.

◦   Kate Winslet:

Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet is mom to three kids: daughter Mia, 13, and sons Joe, 10, and Bear, 4 months.

While recently promoting her new film Divergent, the actress said she’s in no rush to lose the baby weight.

“To be honest with you, after having a baby you end up being so busy with the baby and the nursing,” she said. “And I have two other children as well obviously, so there’s so much going on that the difficulty I find is remembering that you have to eat. Because when you’re nursing you really have to eat, otherwise you don’t produce anything that’s going to feed your child. So nursing’s a great excuse to eat heaps. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

“I have to say, so much attention is placed on this thing of bouncing back after a baby,” she continued. “I don’t advocate fast weight loss at all after a baby, because you are nursing, you can’t, you have to eat and you have to be well… throwing myself into some workout regimen is crazy.”

She added: “Having just had a baby, I’m not going to be thinking about my arse.”

◦   Reese Witherspoon:

Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon had great perspective after welcoming her third child, son Tennessee, in September 2012.

At just 3-months postpartum – when the media asked how she’s “bouncing back” to her pre-baby body – the Oscar-winner kept it real.

“I don’t know if I’m bouncing back. I’m slowly crawling back,” said the actress, who’s also mom to daughter Ava, 14, and son Deacon, 10.

◦   Drew Barrymore:

Currently expecting her second daughter, actress Drew Barrymore didn’t stress over losing the baby weight after welcoming her baby girl Olive in September 2012..

“I don’t worry about it,” she shared of her post-baby body. “I probably wasn’t totally in shape before I got pregnant, but I do think I’m back to where I was. Perfect for me! I take care of myself. But I’m never going to be the person who talks about diet and exercise — I would fail that conversation!”

Prior to her second pregnancy, the Blended star praised the postpartum period as “sacred,” and not a time to be focused on rapid weight loss.

“I’m still working on it, but I’m not worrying about it,” she said. “We live in a society where everyone’s like, ‘Look at how amazing she looks two weeks out [from giving birth].’ I don’t want to be on that hamster wheel; that’s hell. I’m never going to have the kind of body that makes me excited about bikini season. I’ve never had a ‘beach body.’ But I want to feel like I’m showing up and doing my best. My goal is to be nice to myself, gentle toward myself, during this process. It’s such a sacred time.”

◦   Jessica Simpson:

Jessica Simpson’s weight gain during her first pregnancy was one of the most talked-about topics of 2012.

The Fashion Star mentor graced the January/February 2013 cover of Weight Watchers magazine, showing off her weight loss after the May 1 arrival of her daughter Maxwell.

“I really have to separate myself from the world’s expectations and really just be healthy with myself,” Jessica shared. “I’m not a supermodel. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I’m just your everyday woman.”

And although she’s a multi-millionaire and one of the world’s most beautiful women, Jessica says she’s still human and it hurts when people bashed her body.

“It’s not fun to be talked about,” she shared. “It’s not fun to be judged.”

“I never listen to it, no matter who the press talks about when they’re pregnant,” she added. “It’s ridiculous and unfair. I think any woman who is pregnant and creating a life is pretty much entitled to eat whatever she wants as long as she’s healthy. I wasn’t going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life.”

Mariska Hargitay:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay is mom to three children: August, nearly 8, Amaya, 3, and Andrew, 2.

The actress says she not only embraces, but loves her body after baby.

 “I love my curves because they scream, ‘I’m a mama!’ I’m the girl who started wearing maternity pants about an hour after I found out I was pregnant because I was so excited about becoming a mom,” she shared. “Things are sagging a bit – I’m not going to lie. But am I going to be upset about the sag or am I going to look at my three gorgeous kids and my husband and count my lucky stars?”


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Q&A With Elayne Kling: Do I Need This?



My mechanic just informed me that I need a brake fluid flush and a power steering flush. Do I really need those?




Dear Madison:

This a a topic that is much debated in the industry.  Let me just say this and keep it as simple as possible.  We have never, ever, ever, ever, in 25 years, (did I say never?) charged anyone for a brake fluid or power steering flush.  You may deduce what you will from that.

See the below photo, to sum up my opinion.



Do you have a question?  Contact Elayne at:

Bobbi Brown Chats About The Beauty Of The Pretty Powerful Campaign


By: CelebrityBabyScoop

For the second year in a row Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has launched The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls through a partnership with Girl Rising, the global social action campaign for girls’ education. The goal is to raise awareness for the importance of girls’ education in an effort to remove barriers such as early and forced marriage, domestic slavery, sex trafficking, gender violence and discrimination, lack of access to healthcare, and school fees.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ new product - Pretty Powerful Mascara – is available in a limited edition tube in the brand’s signature pink featuring the campaign’s logo. Every cent of the retail price of the Pretty Powerful Mascara will be donated to The Girl Rising Fund, which drives resources to effective girl-empowerment programs in the developing world. Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Bobbi Brown to talk about the campaign and family life with her three sons.

CBS: In today’s world where girls can be perceived as being bossy in leadership roles, how does the Pretty Powerful campaign work to dispel that stereotype?  What role does confidence play in a girls ability to realize she can make a difference in her family and community?

BB: Pretty Powerful is a campaign that focuses on confidence and sharing women’s stories. It started with empowering women and girls through makeup—the idea that all women are beautiful without makeup, but by using the right makeup to accentuate the qualities that make them unique, they exude confidence, which is Pretty Powerful. That philosophy has evolved into one of empowering women and girls through education. I can’t think of anything that makes a woman or girl more confident than being educated, and therefore, able to care for herself and for her family. To me, that is Pretty Powerful.

CBS: In what ways are you most proud of the partnership between Pretty Powerful and the Girl Rising movement?  What success stories tug at your heartstrings?

BB: I’m so proud of the way that this partnership highlights how much can be achieved when women stand up to support other women. When we launched the partnership, Bobbi Brown artists at our local makeup counters worked together with Girl Rising ambassadors to spread the word about the campaign and encourage people to get involved. The stories I’ve heard about that teamwork, how committed all these women are to coming together to raise awareness about the mission to educate girls and break the cycle of poverty in one generation, is truly inspiring.

CBS: How can we support The Girl Rising Fund in our local communities?  What is your fundraising goal over the next two years to fund this global initiative?

BB: There are a number of ways to support The Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls and The Girl Rising Fund. First, you can spread the word. Host a screening of the documentary and invite your family, friends and community. We need to raise as much awareness as possible about the 65 million girls missing from classrooms around the world. Second, you can purchase the Pretty Powerful Mascara at counters or on It’s our best-selling Everything Mascara formula, in a limited edition pop-of-pink tube. Every cent of its $25 selling price in the U.S. will be donated to The Girl Rising Fund. Third, you can make a donation directly to The Girl Rising Fund at Every donation helps—for example, just $13 will provide an Ethiopian girl with a uniform, books and school supplies.

CBS: You keep a full schedule, yet you make your family your number one priority.  What advice would you share with other career minded moms about striking balance between work and family?

BB: It’s all about finding a balance that works for you. For me, family always comes first. I spend two days a week at my office in New York City and three days a week at my office in Montclair, New Jersey, which is where I live. When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family and I always make time for important life events. The key is to find a healthy and happy balance and to prioritize. If you know what’s important to you, you will always make the right decisions.

CBS: You have 3 sons, Duke, Dylan and Dakota, what do they think of the work you are doing through the Pretty Powerful campaign?  What life lessons do you want them to take away from the work you are doing to impact the world in such a powerful way?

BB: I hope they always remember to be kind and respect others, no matter who they are. Also, that nothing is more gratifying than giving back.

CBS: Tell us about being a mom. Did motherhood change how you look at the world?

BB: Becoming a mother is like putting on glasses for the first time— your priorities become very clear. Your perspective shifts and you want to make the world a better place for your children. It’s the hardest but most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

CBS: What activities do you enjoy doing as a family?  Do you have any favorite summer get-a-way spots?

BB: We love to travel together as a family—being active, exploring new places and trying different cuisines. Last year we went on a safari in South Africa, it was an unforgettable trip. In the summer, my favorite getaway is our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey. My sons bring their friends, and usually a few nephews and an exchange student or two are there, as well. It’s busy, it’s noisy and it’s fun.

CBS: Do you have any new projects coming up that you’d like to tell us about?

BB: This spring has been full of new projects that I’m excited about. First, we launched Skin Foundation Stick in March, which is an updated version of my iconic Foundation Stick that I launched 21 years ago. The new formula has a translucent base, which makes it even easier to blend and layer seamlessly into skin. We also added four new shades for a total of 24 skin-tone correct options—there’s something for everyone, and the stick formula is portable and convenient for women-on-the-go.

I’m also excited about my partnership with Safilo Group to develop my own line of optical wear. In January I launched a collection of eyeglasses, sunglasses and readers. As a long-time glasses wearer, and after spending my entire career looking at women’s faces, I know how many women wear glasses and how hard it can be to pick frames that work for your face. I’m confident that the line we developed will cut down on that confusion and make women feel excited about and confident in their glasses.

At the same time, I’ve written my eighth book, “Everything Eyes,” that comes out in April and contains eye makeup tips and tricks for glasses and non-glasses wearers alike. Lastly, we have a makeup collection called Perfectly Defined to complement the eyewear and book launch. The highlight of the collection for me is the new Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner, which is my Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner formula in a convenient retractable pencil (in six shades) as opposed to the traditional pot.


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5 Celebrity Moms With All Daughters

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Women and Cars: 6 Must-Know Personal Safety Tips

Remote on Visor

My husband always says I remind him of a scene from the movie “My Cousin Vinny.”  Marisa Tomei says her “uncle is a mechanic, her brother is a mechanic”; and, for me in addition to that, my father and grandfather were also a mechanics that owned a Gulf station back in the day.  So, I am familiar with good automotive maintenance habits and the personal safety aspect that goes along with them.  When you read these, you are going to think “I knew that.”  But are you doing these?

  1. Do you have a handheld garage door opener on your sun visor?  Remove it, before you leave your car with a mechanic.
  2. Don’t leave your whole key ring, when you drop off your car.  Only leave the ignition key and fob.  (Remember to take your pepper spray off your key ring.)
  3. Never program your home address, in your GPS system.  Instead, use an address of a nearby shopping center.  If you have a portable GPS, remove it from your car before leaving it.
  4. Always remove mail, paperwork and personal belongings, before dropping your car off for service.
  5. Check the air in your spare tire, regularly.  Having a flat tire is troublesome enough; you don’t want to put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, by not having a useful spare.
  6. Keep a flashlight in your car that is easily accessible, in case of emergency.


The safety tips in this article and many others can be found on our Simple Self Defense for Women® DVD. Please visit our website for more details.

Tracy Vega, Co-Founder- Simple Self Defense for Women