Remember when text messaging involved pressing the numbers on the dial pad several times to get one stinking letter and practically no one had unlimited texting yet? That was 2006, the year I first started blogging.

In a world of upstart blogs that disappear as quickly as they came, I’m still going strong. I created Silly Mom Thoughts to be anything but a typical mommy blog. In fact, I loathe being tossed into the “Mommy Blogger” category.


Here, you won’t be subjected to reading about my kids’ growth stats or their stunning intellect. Instead, you’ll find the grossest, most hilarious stories of my two preschoolers and twins, and a few marriage funnies, too.

Since we’re going to be spending some time together, it seems like you should get to know the cast of characters I’ll be exploiting for all of our entertainment:


Meet Colby.


Age: Five

Personality: Hardheaded-yet-sensitive (he’s his own conundrum)

Addiction: Teriyaki Chicken (The kid hates cheese, but will devour teriyaki. Go figure.)

Stand-out feature: The most ridiculously long eyelashes you’ve ever seen

A Colby-ism: “Can we watch a show on that channel with the upside-down six?” (“You mean channel nine, Colbs?”)

Colby’s Quirk: He didn’t talk for a while, and when he started talking, it was clear that he had a speech impediment. It’s still prevalent and we’re working with him on it.


Then there’s Lily.


Oh, my little Lily.

Age: Three

Personality: Sassy as all get-out

Addiction: Fruit. And cheese. And pizza. And… well, food. (Whining is a close second.)

Stand-out feature: Her super blond, perfectly curled on the end locks.

What she’s known for: Being a complete girly-girl one minute, and a rough-housing tomboy with her brothers the next. She’s also known for her ear-piercing scream. (Ouch.)


And of course, The Twinkies.


Zander and Wyatt

Wyatt (formerly known as Lefty in-utero) was born just a minute before his twin brother Zander (formerly known as Righty). You can tell them apart by Wyatt’s brown hair and hazel eyes and Zander’s whiteish-blonde hair and blue eyes. Wyatt also makes you work for his affection, whereas Zander’ll give it up to almost anyone.

Age: Two in September 2011

Personalities: Both are smile-y little dudes.

Wyatt: The thinker. The observer. Though he has a very hilarious nutty side to him, when the mood strikes.

Zander: “Lemme down! Gotta go, go, go!” The talker. Oddly enough, also a snuggler.


Wyatt: Food. All food. He looooves his food.

Zander: Dancing. This boy has some moves!

Stand-out features: No, they’re not identical. (And to the people who ask, “Are you sure?”  Yes. I’m sure. This happened much more when they were smaller, though.)

Wyatt: Babbling, first to get teeth, and snuggability.

Zander: Strength and intensity. Plus that smile he’ll flash at you for merely looking at him.

Fun fact: Combined, Wyatt and Zander weighed a whoppin’ 15 pounds at birth. I carried them to 38 weeks, 4 days, and my water broke an hour before I was scheduled to go in for my c-section. Also… their nicknames are Wy and Z. We thought that was pretty funny, given that they’re our last two. (And by last, we mean last: We’re both *ahem* “taken care of.”)


Meet Clint.

My superhero.

The man who told me specifically not to post this picture anywhere, but it’s just too darn funny, so I couldn’t resist…


And I didn’t even ask his permission for this one… but I know he’s a good sport. Iddin’t he the cutest nerd to ever wear a duct-tape Halloween costume?


Age: 31

Personality: Shy on the outset, knee-slappingly hilarious once you get to know him.

Addictions: Coffee and sports (Go SEAHAWKS, cuh-kaw!)

Stand-out feature: Those purdy blue eyes almost all of our kids inherited.

Best known for: Making up words. My favorite is “suspicuous” which means “suspiciously conspicuous” according to him.


And finally, your Silly Mom Thoughts author, Me.


Maddox (except that’s my penname ‘cuz I don’t want you people stalking me).


Age: 28

Personality: Rarely serious, always genuine.

Addictions: Smiling. Sarcasm. Running. Coffee. Writing. The internet. (I like my husband, too. He’s pretty neat. And the kids are all right, I guess.)

Stand-out feature: Brown eyes that none of my kids got. I’m still bitter about it.

Best known for: Writing. If you come in contact with me, you may end up in my blog. Fair warning!

What you should know about me: I am a Christian who is a blogger, but I’m not a “Christian Blogger.” You won’t find me chucking verses at you or preaching to you, because I hate it when people do that to me. Instead, you’ll read real stories of my life, always honest (even when I’d rather lie) and with a humorous twist. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this wild ride of motherhood. We’re all living it; we’re all trying to find our way through it the best way we know how. I want you to know that you aren’t the only one who has screamed at their kids, or chosen to feed them cereal for dinner every night for a week (or both… at the same time).

For more information about me and the schtuff I do, check out and my author bio on

There you have it.
There you have us. (That cannot be grammatically correct.)

Enjoy Silly Mom Thoughts. Glad you stopped by! I’m giddy over the opportunity to share my crazy little world with you.


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