The Power Of Paint For The Creative Soul

It doesn’t take much of a change to make a big change in your life! For me, I’ve found a bit of acrylic paint in unusual places can change my mood as I change things around the house!

There are several myths about painting that I want to banish from your mind. As much as I love men, I think men started some of these tall tales on painting perfection. I know my late husband, a master renovator, did every handyman chore by the book. Any project he decided to tackle was done correctly. His approach to painting intimidated me. He primed, sanded, spackled, and used commercial lights to be sure there were no streaks, or spots missed. I always had to squint my eyes to check for uneven paint areas. Even with my glasses, I couldn’t see any flaws. The clean, fresh color was all that my eyes took in.

What I am about to confess here should not be shared with the male species. It will be called blasphemy and my competence questioned. However, if you are anxious for some quick, colorful changes in your home, all done in a short time span, I suggest you read on! I hope my lessons and tips will release you from painting paranoia and help you find your inner creative soul.

Your mantra! It is only paint. If I goof up, I can repaint.

Paint color is not permanent. As soon as it dries, if you don’t like it, try again. Try another color. If all else fails, go back and paint it the original color. No one will know. Realizing you can undo what you started if you don’t like the results, frees you to be brave.

The first project I tackled made me very nervous. It was midnight and I was edgy and bored. Midnight is not the best time for tackling a painting project, but for me it is the time I get the most done. It is like my creative juices kick in after the 11PM news.

I was actually listening to the mayhem on news minutes before I started my first project. My eyes were wandering from the TV to my front door. The longer I stared at my front door, the more I realized how boring it was. Brown. Brown. Brown. A brown hollow core door that had no interest about it was in my line of vision.

Photobucket                         Photobucket

Earlier that day the weather was spring-like, but it was still considered the dead of winter. I wanted spring to arrive. I wanted to feel alive myself by breathing in the sweet aromas of spring. With that thought in mind, I decided to paint my front door. The brown had to go, and spring had to arrive. I ran to rummage through my large basket of acrylic paints and found a blue that was sky blue, robins egg blue, all the blue that is the wonder of spring.

Thirty minutes later I had my robins egg blue door. I did not wash the door down, nor did I sand it. I just grabbed a plump tube of art paint, a two-inch brush, a small bowl of water, a dinner plate and a roll of paper towels and went to work. The dinner plate was my palette and the water allowed me to thin the acrylic paint to flow smoothly. I didn’t cover the floor, but kept my eye out for any paint splatter and immediately used my paper towels to dab it up.

My door turned out to be exactly the pick-me-up I needed! The color is heavenly. I smile every time I look at the door. It is my gateway to happiness and a reminder that spring can exist at any time of the year.

Later that week I decided to decorate my door further. I found an antique white wire trellis with a pink metal rose attached to it. A few swings of my mighty hammer and it was nailed to the door. As the days went on I added odd art pieces to my blue door and it is now a collage of whimsy!

The following holiday season, my fireplace mantel looked dreary to me as I went to decorate it. I have a lovely corner fireplace with a white mantel painted to match my walls. Suddenly the room looked bland. Did I mention it was midnight again?

I looked at the floral artwork above the mantel and the color green popped out in all the paintings. Green would go beautifully with the Christmas decorations and then, compliment the garden theme I usually have throughout the room. Once again I grabbed my art supplies and produced a masterpiece.  I didn’t want the color to appear flat so I mixed in hues of gold, yellow and red and blended it all together to produce a rich, somewhat iridescent color. I finished that project with a quick coat of acrylic art glaze. My mantel was painted, glazed and had dried in less than two hours. The burst of color in the corner of the room adds a touch of warmth that was lacking previously. 

I have continued with other painting projects throughout the house and each time I was thrilled with the results. As soon as I stopped worrying I might goof up, my creativity flowed.

A touch of color adds excitement, vitality, warmth, and whimsy to spaces that otherwise could be unnoticed because of their utilitarian purposes.

I am full of decorating tips! I used jewelry glue to attach a decorative mantel to my kitchen wall! But that is a story for another day!

Now is the time to let your creativity soar and forget all those rules you’ve been told on proper painting techniques. The only rule of thumb is to let your imagination create a living space that is uniquely yours!

Barbara Barth, CEO of Life


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