CBS Exclusive! Megyn Price On Organic Cooking: It's An "Expression Of Love For Myself & My Family"

What do we like best about Rules of Engagement star Megyn Price? Is it her huge, charitable heart? The fact that she won the celebrity division of the 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon? Or maybe it’s her commitment to the organic foods movement? Find out for yourself as Megyn opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “creative” 3 1/2-year-old daughter Grace, her love for high school sweetheart Eddie, and her favorite part of being a mom.


CBS: How did you make out in the 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon? Is the Ironman next?

MP: “I actually won the celebrity division of the Malibu Triathlon! I was shocked beyond words. They were announcing the other people who placed, and, once they got past third, I just assumed I hadn’t even placed. My jaw hit the ground when they announced my name as the winner and hung a huge medal around my neck!

My next race will probably be the Nautica NYC triathlon in my old stomping grounds, Manhattan. I stayed up until midnight on Halloween, so I could enter the online lottery to get a spot in the race. After that, I don’t have ambitions to do longer races, like the Ironman. I love the training that I’m doing now, but I think I’d get a bit burned out training for huge distances. My triathlon career started out, two years ago, as something to do for fun, and I want to keep it that way.”

CBS: How is Grace doing? What is she into these days?

MP: “What is Grace NOT into these days?! She’s 3 1/2 years old, reading like a college student – it’s disturbing – and playing pretend 24 hours a day. She makes up long, detailed stories about people from her school or Disney characters or herself, and then makes up a song to go along with the story. She’s the most creative kid ever, and so much fun these days.”

CBS: What’s your favorite part of being a mom?

MP: “Getting to hang out with my girl and see the world through her eyes. She’s un-jaded in the extreme and finds beauty wherever she goes, especially in public restrooms…YUCK!”

CBS: Will you support Grace if she wants to enter showbiz? Why or why not?

MP: “That’s a tough one. I would say yes, of course, if she were a grown person, making a career decision. While she’s a kid, however, I don’t think she’ll be getting her work permit. I think kids should be allowed to be kids for as long as possible.”

CBS: Are you planning for baby # 2 any day soon? Would you like to make any big announcements?

MP: “You should call my mom and have that discussion with her! I’ve already got the best kid on the planet – why would I be greedy?”

CBS: You’ve been with your husband Eddie, an ER doctor, since high school! How do you keep the romance alive after all these years?

MP: “Oh, wow. That’s so easy. I could give you a list of his amazing qualities, but you wouldn’t even believe me. He’s my best friend, the greatest dad, a brilliant doctor, an incredible cook, a mechanic, an artist, a gardener, an athlete, a brainiac without being a know-it-all, hilariously funny AND he’s the cutest guy I’ve ever known. Does that answer the question? I know it sounds sappy, but it’s impossible for me to not be madly in love with this guy.”

CBS: Tell us about your passion for organic eating. Is it all organic foods in your home? Do you have an organic garden? Do you do all the cooking?

MP: “My passion for “organic eating” is really just a passion for eating real, clean, unprocessed, poison-free, cruelty-free food. I believe the old adage “you are what you eat,” simply from trial and error. If I eat garbage, I feel like garbage. When I eat whole, healthy foods, I feel whole and healthy. It’s pretty simple to me.

We do have an organic garden, but, again, to me “organic” is just normal. We don’t add poison to our garden, so I guess, yes, that makes it organic. We grow whatever’s in season, and as much as our garden will hold! I love to preserve foods as well, so I never mind if we have a bumper crop of anything. I’ve gone so overboard with arugula, that we have a wild patch now, covering our hillside. We’ve got the happiest bunnies in Southern California!

My husband and I both cook, and, frankly, we pretty much cook everything we eat. Occasionally, we’ll go out for dinner, but I’m usually happiest at home, in my cozies, chopping and creating. To me, cooking is a solid, visceral expression of love for myself and my family.”

CBS: What is your best advice for parents of picky eaters?

MP: “Be patient and be creative. My daughter LOVES carrots on Monday, and HATES them on Thursday. Hello? Their crazy preferences change with the wind, so don’t give up trying things they used to refuse. I also make a game or a story out of new foods. For example, one night I made Israeli couscous, drizzled with olive oil and lemon, for our dinner, and told my daughter they were “Princess Pearls,” just like Cinderella eats. She’s so in love with Israeli couscous now, it’s on our table three times a week!”

CBS: Do you have any fool-proof recipes you’d like to share with our readers?

MP: “I have so many recipes, it’s tough to choose. I’m a big fan of kale, but couldn’t figure out how to get it into my child’s body. Then, I started tossing clean, torn kale with a bit of olive oil and cooking it in the oven at 375 until it’s crisp. Take the kale chips out of the oven, sprinkle with salt, and they’re the most delicious snack! Grace loves them…sometimes.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

MP: “You mean today? Well, today’s a non-work/non-school day for everyone, so we’re going to see Gnomeo & Juliet and then to the farmers’ market and then back home to make a pot of lentil soup and a cozy fire. It’s one of those days that overwhelms me with gratitude. I’m literally living my dream with the people I love more than anything.”

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