Taking the First Steps


So now you know how to deal with you’re mechanic but you don’t actually

have one that you trust, so what good is it? I wish I could help each and

every one of you find a good mechanic in your town (not really, that would

just require too much work) but since I can’t, lets walk through a few steps

on how to find one. The absolute best way would be to ask everyone that

you know who they use and love. Go online and check reviews, they

tell you so much, one of my favorite sites is brought to us by Car Talk (I love these guys), they have a link called Mechanic Files and it goes back many years.



There are other review sites as well so check them all. Most mechanics will

have a few bad reviews (you just can’t please everyone) so don’t expect

to find perfection but you can tell plenty by what customers say.

When you find a couple you think sound good call around and see what

kind of customer service they have on the phone. Do they brush you off

or do they walk you through your issue? Any decent mechanic will make

you feel comfortable right away, if they don’t then move on.

My biggest piece of advice will be to you ladies, most mechanics are

men and if they treat you like crap on the phone then they’ll do the same

in person.  Don’t let them call you HONEY, SWEETIE, SISTER,

BABY, SWEATHEART, DARLING or my all time least favorite,

MOMMY. If you knew me you would be able to imagine what comes out of my mouth when they call me that.


I’ve had countless conversations with men on why it’s not ok to call

me these names. Many of them just don’t get it, “but I’m being nice”,

is the most common reply. They don’t get (or don’t want to get)

that by calling me these names they are taking the position

of power which clearly they have had for far too many years and I

feel that is my job to set them straight.

So please ladies, hop on the wagon with me and don’t

let these guys speak down to you, don’t jump down their throats

about it, give them a little smile while you fill them in (they can

be delicate creatures) but be firm. I’m proud to say that I

have reformed many of them but it’s a drop in the bucket.

I didn’t say finding a good mechanic was going to be easy,

some work is required but it can be fun too (well that is if

you find blue collar guys who work with their hands and

smell slightly of grease enjoyable…..or is it my fantasy




Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com


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