How to lose the Muffin Top. Spring has sprung- your waistline shouldn't too!

How ironic that I awoke to the beauty of snow – covered trees this very a.m. as today marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. What is even more odd is that on this very date, thirteen years ago, flakes fell from the sky on my wedding day in New York City. This is “snow joke.”

Dare I mention that bathing suit season is around the corner? This gives us harried moms three short months to inject fitness and health into our already busy schedules.  And, if fitness and health are already a top priority, then it’s time to kick it up a notch! Must-read health and fitness tips to follow that will allow you to say goodbye to the winter grown muffin top:

Ø    Top 10 Natural Ways for Moms to Lose That Annoying “Pouch” and Have More Energy

Ø    The Best 20-30 Minute Workout for Working Moms

Ø    Burning it Up- Aerobic and Cardiovascular Exercise

Ø    Six Steps to Weight Loss Success

Ø    Why You Need to Exercise

Ø    Why Keep a Food Diary?

Ø    Special Nutrition Concerns of Older Adults

While March 21st marks the first day of spring, the entire month of March is named National Nutrition Month.  Let us lose the ENTIRE muffin for good (not just the top) because fitness and informed eating decisions come hand-in-hand. Butterfly’s Resident Registered Dietician and Founder of Nutrifacts, Shari Bilt Boockvar provides the basics of good nutrition for busy moms and their kids here.

Share your weight loss tips with us, or any successful “before and after” photos, with the members of the Butterfly community. Let’s inspire one another. Spring has sprung but our waistlines don’t have to!



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