Melissa Joan Hart On Sharing Breakfast, Her Boys, & Trying For A Girl

TV star mom Melissa Joan Hart hosted breakfast in New York’s Grand Central Terminal yesterday (March 8) to support the Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfast program, which aims to share one million breakfasts with American kids who need them most. The busy mom-of-two opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about this great campaign, her adorable sons – Mason, 5, and Brady, 3 on Saturday – and her hopes to try for a girl soon!


CBS: Tell us about teaming up with Kellogg’s for the Share Your Breakfast campaign.

MJH: “I am working with Kellogg’s to make sure that in the fall, in the new school year, one million breakfasts will be served in the school program. And it’s really simple. All you have to do is take a picture of your breakfast from now through July 31st, once a day – or even every day – and upload them to You can text them with the word ‘share’ to 21534 or you can Twitter it at #shareURbreakfast.

I’m a mom to two little boys – one who’s about to turn 3 and one is 5 – and when the people at Kellogg’s told me the statistics of 1 in 4 children in the USA goes to school hungry in the morning because they don’t have the food at home, that really resonated with me. Anything like this related to children is always heartbreaking, but especially when you have a child, you personalize it more. I can’t imagine my kids going without one meal a day, let alone being hungry all day long. It is just unacceptable.

I Twittered my breakfast today and I texted it and I’ll text it every day until July 31st. I’ll get my boys involved too.”

CBS: It sounds like such a great campaign, aimed at addressing poverty issues close to home!

MJH: “It is! This morning [March 8] we celebrated national breakfast day at Grand Central. We had breakfast served from Kellogg’s. It was really fun and all the kids came and sat with me. What was amazing was that they asked what we were doing. When I explained the campaign I thanked them for helping us today and they were wondering if it was for Haiti. I said it was for our country. It’s one of those things where it’s hard to believe this is happening in our own country. But right now, more people in our country are living in poverty than they have since the Depression. It’s very upsetting and it’s something that we need to do something about.”

CBS: How are your boys doing?

MJH: “Mason just turned 5 and Brady turns 3 on Saturday. They’re doing great! I miss them like crazy because I’m working in California right now. So it’s been tough on me. I don’t think it’s as hard on them because they’re at home with their dad and their friends. They’re sleeping in their own beds which I think is really important. We’ve always been a traveling circus, but right now I think it’s important to give them some stability.

Mason’s going to Kindergarten in the fall so I think it’s important to get them established in our new town, and just get them in some good habits and routines. They’re going to start golf lessons in the summer. They take karate and ice skating lessons right now. Mason will start little league.

They’re growing up quick and it’s sad because I’m missing a lot of it right now to do my show in Los Angeles. But I just think of the dad’s in our town. They work all day, come home at 7 p.m., they barely see their kids on the weekends. I think I have a good deal the way we’re doing it. I get to be at home for a week stretch and really focus on my kids – just ‘be’ with them and really play with them. If we all lived in Los Angeles it would be scattered time. They would be with me but I would be working. I’d have to go to a meeting or an event. So, while it’s heartbreaking for me and I feel lonely, and a bit like a not-so-great mother, it’s also important for my family that I keep working. And also I like to work and love being busy.”

CBS: Will you be in NYC for Brady’s birthday party this weekend?

MJH: “Yes, I’m here already. I made it to church on time to hear my son sing. We’ve planned the birthday party for this weekend – I wouldn’t miss that! We’re going to one of those ‘jumpy’ places. It’s so sad, because the second one gets all the same stuff. My first one got all the special birthday parties. I made all the cakes myself! The second one has his birthday parties at the same place every year. The only thing is we’re getting a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake made.”

CBS: Are both the boys in preschool?

MJH: “Yes, Mason is in pre-K right now and Brady is in a 2s program. It’s fun! They’re in a great school and they have great friends.”

CBS: Are you and Mark going to try for the girl?

MJH: “Yes, I think we will! Just trying to figure out how that fits into our schedule!”

CBS: Congrats on the renewal of Melissa and Joey! Why do you think the audience likes it?

MJH: “Yes, June 29th it will be airing and May 24th it will be coming out on DVD. I think the audience likes it for the same reason I like the show: it’s something that’s lacking on television right now. It’s just a funny sitcom. It’s not trying to get a point across. It’s nothing political, it’s just jokes. I think there’s so many cop dramas on TV right now that we’ve forgotten about the funny stuff. I think people can relate to that when they get home from a long day at work or when they’re sitting at home on the weekends. They just want something silly that they can laugh at that doesn’t take up a whole lot of their time. And that’s what we’ve got – just 22 minutes of funny.”

CBS: And like you said before, with a poor economy, people want to escape.

MJH: “Yes! I’m a huge Shirley Temple fan and one thing I know is that during the Depression, the things that survived were her movies, liquor stores and ice cream. And I’ve got my hand in all those things [laughs]!”


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