My car broke down and I called my towing insurance and they sent a tow truck. I had done some research in the area where I broke down like you suggested and found a garage that I wanted to go to but the tow truck driver said I had to go the his shop. I’m pretty sure I got taken by these guys, what is the policy? Polly.



This is another one of those annoying, shifty and all too common practices in this industry. I will say this and be clear about it, YOU CAN GET TOWED FOR FREE TO ANY GARAGE THAT YOU WANT TO GO TO.  As long as it’s within the distance requirements of your contract and if you need to get towed further, the charge starts to accumulate beyond that distance and the “pick up” charge would be free. If the tow truck driver is lying to you, you can only imagine what will happen on the other end when you get there. Be very insistent if they try to give you a hard time.


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