Jennie Finch On Second Pregnancy, "Clever" Son

Jennie Finch and hubby, Major League Baseball pitcher Casey Daigle, are expecting their second son in late June. The Olympian — who won gold in Athens and silver in Beijing — recently retired from softball and is now a full-time mom. Jennie opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her second pregnancy, her “clever” 4½-year-old son Ace and their recent move to Arizona.


CBS: Congratulations on baby boy #2! How have you been feeling?

JF: “Good, very good; it’s been very exciting. It’s coming quick. The first couple of months were a little rough and recently it’s been more that I feel extremely tired. I think it’s because I have a little one that I have to run after now whereas the first time around if I wanted to take a nap, I could. It’s been a huge blessing and we’re very excited.”

CBS: Were you excited to find out that it was another boy?

JF: “We were super excited. I could have definitely gone either way. You just hope and pray for a healthy baby. Our 4-year old was definitely all about wanting a boy and baby brother so when it was confirmed on the ultrasound, he said, “See I told you mom.” He was pretty pumped. I love all the boy energy so I’m excited and Ace is at an age where he wants to be this great little helper. He’s so excited to be part of taking care of his little brother. He was such an easy baby so I hope we will have the same smooth path with boy #2, but we’ll see what happens.”

CBS: Tell us about your recent move to Arizona. How did you do with a baby bump and a preschooler?

JF: “Well, Ace has pretty much spent his whole life on the road so he’s used to being on-the-go. He’s a very easy, laid back boy, but he was excited for the trip and the fact that he would get to watch a ton of movies. I was worried about bathroom breaks and that my husband wouldn’t want to stop, and that I would need to.

It was easy packing on my end because most of what I had in my closet either didn’t fit already or wouldn’t fit me shortly. We’ve settled in pretty well because we’re used to being on the go and adjusting to new places. Spring training is really a nice time because my husband isn’t traveling so we get to have dinner together every single night which is very rare in baseball life. So this is the time when we get to enjoy a ‘normal’ life and having dad around.”

CBS: What kinds of things is Ace into right now?

JF: “Right now we’re at a gymnastics place and he’s jumping on a trampoline. So he’s just a super active boy. He loves doing all the things that my husband enjoys doing. He loves baseball and fishing; he love to be outdoors. It’s really fun because he’s now starting to understand the game of baseball. So now we can talk about hitting a single or a double and he knows what it means.”

CBS: Ace will be turning 5 in May. Do you have any fun birthday plans for him?

JF: “We don’t, not yet. We don’t even know what city we’ll be in so we’ll wait and usually plan the week of and see what he wants to do. We’re on the road so much so it’s hard for him to have friend birthday parties, but we’ve had some of his cousins come in the past which he enjoys or sometimes some of the other players’ kids will come, but for the most part it’s just family. He’s kind of shy in groups so he prefers a more intimate setting and gathering. There will be a superhero cake for sure!”

CBS: What are some of your favorite memories or moments as a mom?

JF: “Oh my gosh! So many, like from first walking to just enjoying his mind. It’s always spinning; he’s so clever and the things he says, you wonder where does he come up with this stuff. He’s so into cuddling right now and I just love that.”

CBS: Both you and your husband are baseball stars. Are you hoping your sons will be into baseball?

JF: “Whatever they choose and whatever they enjoy; I’m good with that.”

CBS: Are you working on any other projects?

JF: “I do a lot of speaking engagements and charity events. Through my camps, I’m hoping to continue to grow our sport and women in sports. Sports and my softball career have giving me so much. So I feel like now it’s time to enjoy my family and give back more than I’ve ever been able to because I’m not bound by a strict training regimen.”

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