Play Ball!

I know, opening weekend was last week but there are so many great events to write about that I just can’t keep up. Actually I had the food events on my plate, no pun intended,  and figured that I could write about baseball this week. The reason being that baseball season is 6 months long so I really didn’t feel a dramatic sense of urgency, if you get my drift.


Baseball the Great American Pastime; Mom, apple pie and baseball, I am sure you have heard them all. Now I like baseball, football is my favorite but there is something about a cool summer evening in the ballpark. Hearing that crack of the bat under the lights of a stadium at night is magical.  The issue as a parent, grandparent or just regular baseball fan is the cost. Let’s add it up, tickets to a Major League Baseball game in average seats run about $65 each. Parking $25, hot dog, peanuts and cracker jack, about $18, beer or soda around $5-$8 each. That means for a family of four, it is over $450 for a baseball game, ouch!!!!!!! I am assuming that most of us cannot afford to do that on a regular basis, if at all. I am sure you know that I have a solution for all you baseball fans. Of course I do!

Minor League Baseball! What is Minor League Baseball you ask? All those Major League Baseball teams have what are known as “farm teams”. It is where teams send their best prospects to train and work to get better and be good enough to move up to take a spot on the Major League team when one presents itself. Also it can be a sort of rehab league for major leaguers who are on the mend before they are brought back fully. You can sometimes get to see terrific major league players for minor league prices. In recent summers you could have seen such baseball greats as Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter; some of the highest paid players in the Major Leagues, play in a minor league game while recovering from an injury

In addition to that, one of their greatest advantages is that there are many leagues of minor teams that play among themselves in cities and towns near you. tracks almost 200 of these teams around the U.S. They have many different leagues names; Class A, Double A, Triple A and Rookie as well as regional leagues. That means more teams in more places and that translates to better seats for better prices!  You not only pay less for tickets, you pay less for everything. Parking is almost always less then $10, hot dogs, sodas, peanuts and everything, all MUCH cheaper. The minor league teams also are masters of promotion. They have bobble head night, free t-shirt give-aways, $1 hot dog nights and such all season long. You can get quite a bargain and take the family out to the ball game with out having to pay for the stadium in the process. So I say, not only play ball, but enjoy watching it as well. Batter Up!

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