Job Search talk in Raleigh!

What a great experience to be in Raliegh with The Southern Women’s Show and The Balancing Act.  Everyone was so nice and the enthusiasm was fantastic!  As I roamed I spoke with women throughout the day the theme was how competitive it is to find jobs in their area.  One woman told me 600 applicants for one role.  Another woman who has had positions in pharmacy roles and healthcare said she has not received one response to her applications.  That’s why we did the session on Your BEST Job Search Now.

And what did we learn….most people in the session were shocked to hear that it’s a good idea to share with an employer that you are interested in the position after an interview.  Someone said “doesn’t that make me sound too eager?”  My answer….if you are eager and you want the job, what’s wrong with that!  It’s not a negotiation or about positioning.  It’s about getting the job.  And, if you were the person hiring wouldn’t you rather hire the candidate who expressed their enthusiasm to join  your firm versus the person who didn’t??

Can’t wait for Nashville next week….more job search talk to come.


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