Top Ten Laundry Money Saving Tips

Everyone’s has laundry, so this is a topic we can all relate to.  We’re all trying to save money and a great place to start is in the laundry room. Here are 10 tips to keep us looking our best, while keeping the cost down.

  • Wear it again.  Begin asking yourself can this we worn again?  Let’s say you wore a sweater for a few hours –no need to wash it, hang it back in your closet to be worn again. 
  • Hidden Stains.  You don’t have time to seek through your family’s dirty laundry for stains, especially if you didn’t know they are there in the first place.  Just add Biz to every load, along with your regular detergent to take care of those sneaky stains.
  • Care Instructions.   Believe it or not, there is helpful information on those annoying garment tags.  If the tag says, ‘Dry Clean Only’, don’t risk putting it through the wash, you could be out a shirt. 
  • Treat stains ASAP.  It is not always possible to rush to the laundry room, every time we glob ourselves while we’re out and about.  Dab the stained area with a baby wipe, this will prevent the stain from setting into the fabric.  Re-wet the stain and pre-treat with Biz.
  • Cool Water.  Wash in the coolest water possible, this will help prevent shrinking and fading. 
  • Bleach.  Bleach can be very harsh on delicate fabrics.  Grab Biz instead, it is safe for colors and whites and doesn’t contain actual bleach.
  • Drying.  Many garments such as sweaters, bras and jeans can be laid out to dry.  Toss them in to remove the wrinkles, then, lay them out to dry. 
  • Dull and Dingy. Don’t toss those socks just yet.  Revive your whites by soaking them in Biz.  Go ahead, leave them overnight for whites, whiter than white.   
  • Dryer sheets.  A half dryer sheet works as well as a whole one. Cut them in half to get more uses. Used ones can be used to dust furniture or remove pet hair from your clothing.
  • Load Size. Don’t automatically use the same load setting for every load.  Washing less than a full load is not cost-efficient. However do not overstuff, that can effect the cleaning power.

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