Why You Should Focus On Value Instead of Perfection

Are you a perfectionist?  Are you known to be a bit “Type A”?  How long has it taken you to write your book, to launch your new product or to finish your website?  Have you been aching over constant tweaks because you haven’t gotten every last piece of information in your head on the paper or every last feature on the website?


Far too many of us fret over perfection versus value.   When we create a product or service, we obsess over making sure that everything is perfect.  But perfection is “me- focused” and your business should be customer focused instead.

You need to focus on serving your customer and in service of them, providing them a great value.  This, rather than perfection, should be your barometer to measure when you are ready to launch, move forward or finish.

As my friend Hank Wasiak says, “Don’t pursue perfection over progress”.

Ask yourself:

-Am I providing something that serves the wants or needs of my customer?

-Is this product/service/program delivering a strong value for the price?

-Will this product/service/program communicate what the customer needs to hear?

If so, you are done.  Save your tweaks and additions for the next product, service, revision or launch.

Are you striving for perfection over value?  If you have created substantial value, it’s time to move on or you will be in perpetual tweak mode forever.


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