My battery keeps on dying and the mechanic I go to has done a tune up, replaced the fuel pump and something else I do not remember, coming to a total cost of $758. The battery still keeps dying. What is going on? Suzi


What’s going on is that you’re being taken for a ride. Having fun?


None of the things you’ve mentioned have anything to do with your battery, except maybe the one you can’t remember. My suggestion would be for you to go back to this mechanic and ask him to explain exactly why you keep having the same problem and he keeps charging you and not fixing it. Of course this is something I see all the time and I’m sure the mechanic will have a song a dance about why he needed to do each of the things he did but bottom line is, don’t give him another penny until he fixes this problem. My guess would be you either need an alternator, new battery or you have a short (see previous posting).

Does he look anything like this?




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