Happily Ever After

Happy Friday MAMAs!


It’s wedding bells for Will and Kate and the world will be watching.  For us hopeless romantics, it’s fun to see the prince find his princess and the commoner find her prince charming. Those of us who believe in fairy tales have a MOMent to sigh at the romance of it all…the dress, the carriage, the ceremony, the kiss…the promise of happily ever after.

The most important thing, however, is that their royal wedding is a fairy tale…theirs.  That they are happy, madly in love, serving their adoring public with honor and dignity. But, for the rest of us, we need to teach our kids that being a “prince of a guy” is the most important.  Our kids will write their own love stories and define their own happily ever after. So, it’s up to MAMAs to teach them that love is not always a fairy tale…that it takes hard work, commitment, patience and compromise…in good times and bad.  

MAMAs set the example…so, take the weekend to show the kids your family’s version of happily ever after with lots of love and laughter.

Have a great weekend MAMAS!

Change Begins at Home!

 -Michelle & Deb 


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