Royal Radiance

“Only do what your heart tells you.” Princess Diana


This past Friday as we tuned in, along with two billion people, at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, our eyes were focused on one thing and one thing only, the breathtaking bride. We sat on the edge of our seats with what seemed to be forever, waiting for a glimpse of the beauty beneath the veil.

At the beginning of the week we heard the bride had chosen to paint her own face the day of her wedding. Knowing Kate had taken some lessons with a professional makeup artist we still had to wonder would she be picture perfect for her big day? On that morning, as the sun peeked from the clouds, her veil was lifted and a perfectly polished princess was revealed…Kate did indeed please.


The new princess made a beautiful statement with gorgeous strong brows, thick lovely lashes, and flawless skin. Her cheeks glowed as brightly as the smile wrapped warmly across her face.

Few words immediately came to mind~ elegant, breathtaking, confident and classic. From head to toe she bestowed timeless beauty. Her prince charming gently whispered, “You look beautiful.” The world melted. Her makeup did not.

The very next day calls poured into the shop. Appointments booked up. Everyone wants to “radiate like Kate.” 

Here is our our royal reccommendation for glowing from lashes to lips:

– Book a makeup lesson with a professional Makeup Artist and create a look that will have you feeling pretty as a princess

– Have your brows professionally sculpted to perfection

– Indulge in a set of Xtreme eyelash extensions. Ask for a little eye-lighting to add a twinkle to those eyes

– Choose a foundation to hide imperfections and create skin that appears flawless. A little here a little there. Less is more. 

– Choose a bright cheek cream to best suite your skin. Concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, bronzer also works to keep you naturally “blushing”.

– Paint your pout with a soft pink lipstick or gloss

Hats off to the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, our hearts tells us this modern day fairytale will be one lived happily ever after .

From brows to blush and everything in between, Mikaela and Georgio Fernandez

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