My cousin Lori told me the story about how when she was younger, her dad lent her his old Triumph while she was in college. Being an old Triumph, of course Lori had a close relationship with her mechanic. According to her memory she was in the shop constantly and every other day there would be a new issue. It got to the point that she was convinced that the mechanic was intentionally causing harm to the vehicle. Now of course, being an old car, it’s highly possible that it was just falling apart but since in the end Lori finally gave up and handed over the car, FOR FREE, to this mechanic, well you can imagine why I yelled “You Sucker!”, when she told me.


This is a story I’ve heard many times over the years. I have also dealt with countless instances of customers calling me after a breakdown while traveling to inform me that the mechanic has told them the car was shot and suggested they ditch it (and of course mail him the title).


Each time I’ve been told this I’ve had to assess the situation on a case by case basis but I can tell you this, the majority of the time I’ve had them tow the car back to my shop only to find that there was very little wrong with the car and if anything was, we were easily able to fix it.

Morale of this story:


Always try to get a second opinion in these types of situations, even if it means you have to pay a mechanic to visit the shop where the car is stuck.

I’m happy to report that Lori is no one’s sucker anymore, she leases her cars now. Don’t, however, think I flat out condone leasing….we’ll get to that in future.



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