It’s Never too Early to Shop for Mother’s Day

Uh-Oh… if you left your Mother’s Day Shopping for the last minute, don’t despair. Here’s a list of some cool gifts for mom and if you pay a little extra for overnight delivery, you still might actually get them in time for Mother’s Day!

Here are my Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts for Cool Moms

1. My friends and I all spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter neglecting our children. Show mom how much you appreciate all the hard work she puts into her social networking with a Custom Twitter Name Necklace! Available in silver and gold at
2. Does your mom have the soul of a race car driver stuck in the chassie of a minivan? Let her pimp her minivan with these cool Magnetic Racing Stripe Car Decals from Hot Rod (While you’re there, pick up a pack a magnetic bird poo for dad’s car for Father’s Day!)
3. What do you get for the Soccer Mom who has everything… How about a Mommy Megaphone so she can call out the ref with style? Works equally well for calling the kids to set the table for dinner.
4. If becoming a mother meant mom had to trade in her Jimmy Choos for sensible running shoes, she can still have her cake and eat it too with a High Heel Cake Server from
5. Speaking of shoes… I usually do not like my shoe worlds to collide. In one world you have platform shoes, in another you have mom sneakers, and ne’er the two shall meet. But I have to admit, Ash has made some darn cute Platform Sneakers that any cool mom would love. Check out the Thelma Wedge Sneakers at Shopbop.
6. You love your mom, but she can be a bit moody at times. Doing your dirty laundry every day will do that to her. You will be forewarned when she sips her coffee from one of four Cloudy With a Chance of Mood Swings mood barometer mugs, also from Uncommon Goods.
7. For the mom who wants to be organized and also let everyone know she is equally passionate about the world as she is about her toes, get her a Naughty Betty set of file folders with sayings like: “All I want is World Peace and a Pedicure.”
8. Some days I feel like if I make one more meatloaf, my head will explode. Give mom a day off from the kitchen by hiring a Personal Chef for the Day. Go to, a website run by the United States Personal Chef Association.
9. Does it seem like your mom has eyes in the back of her head? Let her really see what’s going on behind her back with a pair of Spy Sunglasses. These cool aviators are perfect for a day at the beach or an undercover CIA mission. From
10. Moms need a good laugh. Especially after they see what your room looks like. Give mom the gift of laughter with my book, “Rebel without a Minivan: Observations on Life in the Burbs” available at

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