Meeting That Biggest Loser Dude & Inspiring Stuff

What would you say, if you had a chance to meet Patrick House, the most recent winner of The Biggest Loser?

Probably something a lot less lame and awkward than what I said.

He was standing alone, waiting to begin his talk at a local health club and I was in the audience. I decided I needed to take that opportunity to introduce myself and hopefully get a picture, since I knew I’d be blogging about his talk. Just as I walked up next to him, they started announcing him.

“Oh, shoot, I’m too late,” I said, but was already standing right there, had already caught his attention.

“Nah, you’re fine,” Patrick said.

At this point, you should know that I don’t think well on the spot, especially under pressure.

“Can I get a quick picture with you? I blog.”

I unceremoniously handed him my business card.

“I’m a blogger. I’m going to write about you. I’ll be nice.”

I’ll be nice?

I’ll be nice?

What the heck? Why would I say that? Why would I assume that anyone who blogs is going to write something mean?

He gave an awkward chuckle to my totally awkward comment and we snapped this picture. Check out how completely crazy-eyed I look:

Nothing says, “I’m not creepy” like crazy eyes and an awkward introduction.

As if that weren’t awkward enough, they were still doing his intro to the audience and it felt like nearly everyone’s eyes were on him, and then, since I was standing there, me. He asked if I wanted an autographed picture.

“Sure!” I smiled.

The first picture was smudged or something and he asked for a new one.

The intro speech was now clearly wrapping up.

He grabbed another picture.

People were still staring and I prayed that I looked like somebody super important, not some lamewad.

He handed me the autographed picture, smiled, and we parted ways, just in time for him to take the stage.

I cowered back to my seat, my face probably a thousand shades of red.

Now, if I could’ve done it over, this is how it would have gone:

“Hey, Patrick, I watched the whole season and was rooting for you. It gave me goosebumps when you got that car and I could relate to so much of your story. I wanted to tell you, I have a 5 year old and 3 year old as well, and even a set of twins. If your wife, Bradley, enjoys reading blogs, she might like to check mine out. It’s fun and silly. Here’s my card, just in case.”

Maybe that would’ve been better. Less weird.

I’ll be nice.


Anyway, Patrick’s whole speech was quite interesting. He talked about things we already knew from watching the show, and a few cool behind the scenes things, too.

Here are some interesting things I learned about The Biggest Loser and Patrick’s experience:

  • He was 421 lbs at his heaviest, wearing a size 56 pant.
  • Bob and Jillian are only on the ranch for 2 of the 7 days, so really the contestants only see them for about 4 hours total
  • Biggest Loser contestants’ only connection to the outside world was the Sunday paper. They could send letters home, but not receive them and they didn’t have internet, TV, or phone.
  • For the weigh-ins, they actually weigh in in the morning, but don’t get to see what their number is, though it is video taped for legal reasons. When they get on the “scale” for the show, it’s not actually a scale, just a piece of metal with a spring under it. He said the thing that shocked him most, was that the beeping we all hear is all put in during editing, so they aren’t hearing the beep at all.
  • He said that every emotion and reaction is 100% genuine, though. They don’t know numbers beforehand, though they do know that the first and last to weigh in are usually the ones who are in trouble.
  • Brendan missed the final four cut by 3 measly ounces. How much would that suck?!
  • Patrick’s favorite experience on the show was in week 9 when the challenge was to win a car. He gave it his all, but knew that running up and down stairs was not going to be his forte. He was shocked when he discovered that the two contestants in the lead had stopped running, intentionally thrown the challenge so that he could win the car that he needed so badly. In 10 years of The Biggest Loser, no one has thrown a challenge, let alone two people. How cool is that?!

It was inspiring to me, listening to not only his weight loss journey, but also his financial journey. We are in a tough spot that we’re trying to get out of. Patrick and Bradley took chances, stuck together as a team, even when they were so far apart, and have made it through to the other side. I know the same will be true for Clint and me.

I also loved hearing that he ran his first marathon on The Biggest Loser and that he only had 5 weeks to train. He then went and ran his 2nd marathon, the Boston Marathon… so it couldn’t have been all that bad, if he wanted to do it again. I’m planning on running my first marathon this coming October, and that was inspiring to hear.

I’m glad to have been able to listen to him talk. I do still wish I could have a do-over on that intro, though. Lame, Lindsay. Laaaame!

If you want to learn more about Patrick, check out his project to fight childhood obesity through the MindStream Academy program. I love their slogan:

“It’s not about what you’re eating. It’s about what’s eating you.”

Man, isn’t that what weight loss is ALL about?!

So, back to my first question, what would you have said or asked, if you were meeting Patrick House?

When she isn’t making a dork of herself to reality TV stars, Lindsay Maddox contributes every Monday to The Balancing Act blogging community. The rest of the week, she chronicles the hilarity of raising four-under-six (including twins!) on her blog Silly Mom Thoughts.


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