Spring Season Stains

The spring season is upon us, and I’m from Ohio so everyone here is ready to get outside and enjoy some nicer weather. So that can only mean one thing… STAINS! Little league sports start up which bring home grass and mud stains, everyone’s favorite.  People are eating outside, watching ball games, or just on the patio where the breeze is, which cause for food stains here and there.

 Everyone loves the spring weather but definitely not the stains that come along with it. So I thought that I would share with you some different ways to keep those spring stains from ruining your clothes.

So your son gets home from his baseball game and he is covered from head to toe in dirt because he had to slide into home plate in order to score the winning run. Now as worried as you are that his uniform may not come clean, you can’t get mad, after all he was the MVP of the game.  Then you realize that you too have a stain, a mustard stain on your shirt from when you were eating your soft pretzel with mustard and sprang from your seat to cheer your son as he scored the winning run.  Now you’re just wondering how to get all these stains out.

Well here is what I would recommend… BIZ!  I would fill either your laundry room sink or use the per-wash cycle on your washing machine with warm water and a scoop of Biz, maybe even two scoops after all he was covered head to toe. I would throw his uniform in and let it soak for 30 minutes maybe even an hour. Now for the mustard stain I would re-wet the stained area with warm water and apply Biz directly to the stained area. Don’t have to let this sit long maybe 5-10 minutes and then you can throw your shirt in the wash with your detergent and some more Biz.  When you think most of the dirt has come out and the water looks dirty I would throw the uniform in the wash with your detergent and some more Biz as well.

It’s really as easy as that! So I know I’m excited for spring to be here and I’m sure you are too.  Don’t let the spring stains get you down. Just use BIZ!


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