FRIDAY FUNNIES: "Friends Forever"


“Keep in touch”

Happy Friday MAMAs!

After 25 seasons, Oprah is saying goodbye to daytime talk. She came into our living rooms and elevated the conversations on the issues our country was talking about. She let us get to know her and other celebs in her circle.  Oprah talked to us in an authentic way – she touched us and empowered us to live our “best lives.”  In turn, she gave us the tools to teach our kids to live theirs.  She understood that moms had the “most important job in America.”  Oprah got it.  She got us…and we connected.

Oprah is someone we depended on everyday to inform and entertain us.  Like a true friend, she was always there to give us the straight scoop.  We trusted her.  We went through a lot together – laughter, tears, weight loss, weight gain, breakups, breakdowns, road trips and lots of bad hair days. 

We will miss you Oprah, so please keep in touch!!!

Have a great weekend MAMAS – check out Oprah’s new network OWN and let her know what you want to see on TV! 

Change Begins at Home!

 -Michelle & Deb 


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