Eva LaRue: "An Illness Like Cancer Can Financially Devastate A Family"


All My Children alum Eva LaRue is a dedicated mom to 9-year-old daughter Kaya and the National Spokesperson for Beckstrand Cancer Foundation. The gorgeous CSI: Miami star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about Beckstrand’s financial programs for people going through cancer treatments, her “very social little girl,” and good pal Sarah Michelle Gellar who is the “BEST” mom to “precious” baby Charlotte.

CBS: Tell us about your volunteer position as the National Spokesperson for Beckstrand Cancer Foundation.

EL: “My fashion designer friend Oday Shakar works with Beckstrand. He is the one who thought we would be a good match. This organization helps people in Los Angeles and Orange Counties by paying everyday expenses like rent, gas, and groceries for those families with members going through cancer treatments. An illness like cancer can financially devastate a family especially when one parent has to quit work because they need to stay home to care for a child with cancer or perhaps they themselves need to go through treatment.

Beckstrand also offers college scholarships for those young people going though cancer treatments and to survivors of cancer who wish to pursue higher education. People can help by going to www.beckstrand.org and donating money to keep Beckstrand’s programs operating at full speed.”

CBS: Why did you get involved with Beckstrand Cancer Foundation?

EL: “I knew that I wanted to get involved with a charity focused on cancer because I saw my grandmother and great grandmother die of ovarian cancer and a few years back, a friend lost her battle to breast cancer. We often forget about the day to day expenses that can really be stressful for cancer patients. When you can’t work, often money becomes a huge issue. Beckstrand helps to eliminate this added worry. The work we are doing at Beckstrand is so needed and it makes such a difference for uninterrupted treatment and recovery.”

CBS: How is Kaya doing these days? How old is she now? What is she into?

EL: “Kaya is 9 and she is doing great. She is involved in soccer and loves to ride horses. She has been taking riding lessons and she is getting really good. I love her enthusiasm for riding. I rode horses as a kid and it is so fun to see her enjoy it as much as I did. She is also a very social little girl and she has a ton of friends.”

CBS: Do you and Kaya ever get the chance to visit with Sarah Michelle Gellar and baby Charlotte?

EL: “Kaya and I love baby Charlotte! Sarah is the BEST mom. Charlotte is so precious – she is like a little angel. Unfortunately with busy schedules, we don’t get to see Charlotte as much as we would like to but we keep in touch weekly.”

CBS: What are some of your favorite mommy memories or moments?

EL: “I think my favorite mommy moments are at night when we are winding down and Kaya is getting ready for bed. My husband Joe and Kaya adore each other. I am so lucky for a situation like this. Joe likes to read to her or she will read to him and I just love watching the two of them together. I usually jump in at some point and we say our prayers and I think, ‘I am the luckiest woman in the world.’ “

CBS: Congrats on your recent wedding! Any plans for another baby?

EL: “Thank you. Our wedding was perfect. We had about 50 friends and family on the beach in Mexico and everything was fantastic! I don’t think we are going to have any more children though. Joe already has two grown children and with Kayla, that is enough. We see his daughter, Cassie, often because she lives close by. We see his son, Kevin, less because he lives further away. I am really blessed because his kids are really wonderful. Kayla loves them and they love her. This summer the five of us are taking off to Africa for a family vacation. Again, I am the luckiest woman in the world!”

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