"Land of the free, home of the brave"


We tend to forget about all the things that unite us as a country and focus too much on the things that don’t. This weekend, let’s remember that our flag unites us.  Whether we live in the heartland, a big city or a suburb – it’s all the real America.  We all share a genuine love for our country, our communities and our families. And, it’s this diverse and beautiful America that our soldiers fight for…they go into battle under one flag for “liberty and justice for all.”

Take a MOMent this Memorial Day, somewhere between the hot dogs and the chips, to tell your KID-Os that they get to grow up in the “land of the free,” because we are the “home of the brave.” Remind them, that we are still a nation at war and all the sacrifices that come with it.

If you want to say “thank you” to our troops, write a letter, send a care package or adopt a soldier?  Please visit Joining Forces, Soldier’s Angels or Molly’s Adopt A Sailor.
We honor our military – past and present – we must never forget their sacrifice and service to our country.
Have a great weekend MAMAS.

Change Begins at Home!

Michelle & Deb


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