Every ending brings with it a brand-new beginning

Memorial Day 2011 has officially come and gone- a United States federal holiday commemorating U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. We proudly extend a special acknowledgment to the Military Moms group within the Butterfly community! Memorial Day also marks many beginnings (as well as endings): school, graduations, summer vacations, camp… and, for Oprah Winfrey, the end of a 25-year reign as the “Queen” of TV.

“Every ending brings with it a brand-new beginning.” Oprah

This brilliant, inspiring, Oprah quote aptly applies to the end of job, career or relationship. We should hold onto these words as we pass through life (as Martha Beck, Oprah’s insightful guru, suggests) and focus on any positives that come from a negative. I trust that then we, our children and Oprah, will be more than just fine. Long-live the “Queen!”

Additional words of wisdom brought to you by the members of the Butterfly community:

Feeding Time at the Zoo, by Julie Cole
A Working Mother’s Commitment to Living Unplugged, by Julie Pereyra
Parenting Your Teen: Let Go and Let Them Grow, by Fern Weis

Please continue to share your commentary in the blog section, join many of the groups to further connect and network, as you begin a new…. (Fill in the blank!)


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