HEALING MAMA: Linsey Goldman

“My child has what?” is the first thing any parent would think after being told their child has epilepsy.   But, after the shock and grief wear off, MAMAs like Linsey Goldman jump into action and become an advocate for their child, of course!

Linsey’s twins were very different from the get-go.   Her daughter was brave and very active and her son more cautious and reserved.  Then, after her son had a 2 minute “blackout” and was taken to the emergency room, the Goldman family got the news that little Benji had epilepsy.   It’s difficult enough raising kids without the added challenge posed by raising a child with special needs.  Linsey has had to figure out what medications, type of therapy and education were best for her son.  It’s exhausting!  She is thankful, though, for the support of her family and her child’s “team” of professionals that she has organized on his behalf.  

Benji has given his family a special, unexpected gift, as special needs children often do.  He has taught his family patience and has helped them realize what is really important in life.

Linsey, has become not only an expert but an activist for special needs KID-Os.  She is a volunteer for C.U.R.E.  (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) which was founded by Susan Axelrod whose husband, David, is President Obama’s senior advisor.  Their child, Lauren, is an epileptic and Susan has done great MAMA work to raise money and awareness so that MAMAs like Linsey are empowered to do the same. 

To that end, Linsey has organized a fundraiser in the Boston area.  “It’s been a lot of work to put on the event, “ Linsey says.  But the hope is that events like this one all over the country, organized by MAMAs just like Linsey, will raise awareness and money that can lead to a cure for epilepsy.   

We wish Linsey great success in her efforts – she is our HOT MAMA this month for showing us how a mother’s love can cure!  If you’d like to learn more about C.U.R.E. or how you can help, click the link and get in the know!


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