ALWAYS and forever I love the wedge. It provides fashionable smoke and mirrors. A tall lean you in a high platform shoe without the pain and suffering of being in a stiletto all day.

The truth is, if you measure the front platform and measure the back platform and subtract the difference, that’s actually how high the arch is. So go get um girls, moms, and all of the in betweens.

I say, As long as you can walk in them you can wear them.

Designers are making them so adventurous in all shapes and sizes for summer and even moving into fall. From casual Sneaker and Strappy wedges to evening and boot wedges in all colors.

Everyone from LAMB to Steve Madden and Rag & Bone to Stella McCartney & Dolce & Gabbana are in on these thick yet sexy shoes.

If you’re not sure how to wear here are a few ideas.

One thing to remember is Balance. Platform wedges are thick shoes, not delicate like a sandal or a strappy heel. So if you’re going to wear them, make sure your clothes balance it out on top; for instance ……

Don’t wear them with Skinny jeans. The jeans stick to your legs so you have sexy thin legs then a thick heavy shoe with that and it doesn’t. Keep your skinny jeans with your delicate shoes.

So as I said, if you can walk in your platforms please carry on.

With shorts a t/s a blazer


simple romper


with a Maxi Dress, cat eye  shades a light scarf and hat

 Please feel free to enjoy!

For Questions please visit or Follow @Lisacstyles

And remember..

There’s always time for Glamour!


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