Every Day The Same Two Questions!

Every day I ask myself two questions. My answers vary depending on my mood.

The first question is because my new business is getting a life of its own and growing in directions I never planned on. That question is usually asked with a hand slap to my forehead! What am I doing? I am trying to get a grip on this new business, I think. I wonder if I am slightly daft with my plans or if there is a bigger plan I am part of.

It is then followed by a second question that I playfully ask myself. What will I be when I grow up?

Just because you are older, doesn’t mean you’ve reached your final destination. I am finding that out on a daily basis.

Life changes can open doors and if you walk through them, amazing things can happen.

Sometimes a change can be triggered by a sad event. Mine came from the death of my husband. I needed a new life, but I had no idea how or what to do. I started moving forward at rapid speed to outrun my fear of being alone without him.

Sometimes it is just time to do something new. Reinvent yourself. Finally give in to the muse that has been haunting you for years. Courage and faith move you when your feet are slow to take steps.

You can teach an old dog new tricks! (Yes, I revert to that old dog saying, because I am Writer With Dogs on many sites!) The only dogs I can’t teach new tricks to are the spoiled pups at my house! But I am older, and I am learning new things by leaps and bounds!

The last three years my creative energy has exploded! I wrote my book and self-published it. I started two more books. I launched a one-time online full color dog magazine. I became an independent publishing company, but only have my web page to show for it, “Gilbert Street Press”, coming soon. I opened a small antique gift shop, with a twist; I have weekly art openings, book signings, and live music. I called it The Little Shop Of Arts And Antiques, the longest name I could think of for my tiny space. Then I opened the shop next to it as my events center, because I needed more room for all the lovely artists that started coming to my shop. Last week, my third building, the Old Town Lilburn Center For The Arts, opened with a large gardening lecture. In six months I have expanded my vision for my shop from one space to three. Frightening. Exciting. What am I doing? Now you see why I ask that question.

My smiling face, in front of my shop, was featured on the cover of Up Close And Personal, a magazine that is mailed to every household in the city. Strangers come up to me. “I saw you on the cover!”

I called a meeting to see how we can revitalize the Old Town section that is slowly fading. I was elected the President of their newly formed Merchant Association.

What am I doing? None of this was in my original plan.

I do know some things I am doing.

I still have my pack of dogs and five dogs keep me pretty well loved.

I am working on my books and publishing company. They have to be in place by end of year. Guess what my inspiration to finish those projects is? I need to get those start-up expenses on my tax returns! Now there is a creative incentive.

I blog daily to keep up my essay writing!

I love all I am doing. I am doing everything but making money. I tell myself time will sort this out. I have faith I am where I am supposed to be at this time of my life.

I turn 63 in a few months. What will I be when I grow up? There is that second question!

I don’t plan to be old and broke! Maybe not, hopefully not. But I don’t have time to worry on that.

I am working on the faith that what I am doing now, includes more than just my business succeeding. I have landed in the middle of a tiny downtown area that lost its restaurant six months ago, just as I arrived, and business has slowed down to a trickle. My purpose is to help them as I help myself. The town will get back on its feet and I will have people in my life again.

Everything I have worked on is now centered there. In the next few months, new, young, fun businesses will open in some of the vacant shops. I see a little hub that will burst with energy and get a new life, just as I am doing. Perhaps I will have that one question answered. What am I doing? I will be able to smile and think, Look what I’ve done.

What will I be when I grow up? I hope to be asking myself that question until my last breath. The journey of learning and growing is the best part of life. You don’t need an answer when you have such an inspiring question!

Dreaming of What I Will Be When I Grow Up!


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