HANG UP: Cell Phone Use Linked To Cancer

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Bad news for all chatterboxes.  Cell phone use has been linked to brain cancer in a recent study on adult males, apparently due to the radiation they emit.  Enough time has passed since the invention of cell phones to have some empirical data and the rate of brain tumors doubled in cell phone users over the last 10 years.   The World Health Organization is now listing, ”mobile phone use as a ‘carcinogenic hazard’ as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.”  Super!?  The really important news for MAMAs is that kids are even more impacted by cell phone radiation because their skulls are thinner and their brain cells are dividing at a faster rate than adults. Also, male fertility can be impacted by cellphone radiation, too!

MOMism: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” We all need a little peace and quiet sometimes and cell phones and those fab apps can entertain the KID-Os for hours.  It’s kind of like a cyber sitter! (-:  But…our kids are getting over-exposed.  Literally.  Too much screen time takes away from other fun games and outside playtime…remember when we were kids? Let’s remind the kiddies that cell phones aren’t toys…teach them “slug bug,” “I spy” or the license plate game.

Also, too much radiation exposure is not great.  So MAMAs, heed warnings from manufacturers.  Apple says to keep the phone 5/8 inch away from your body and Blackberry says .98 inches away.   Note, too, that cell phones emit stronger radiation when the signal is weaker, like when you’re in a moving vehicle and the cell is trying to connect to towers as you drive by.   Use that blue tooth device, MAMAs!  Not only will it keep you from crashing, but it could save your brain.  We need all the brain cells we have left?!?!  When all else fails, turn on radio Disney – your brain cells may tune out for awhile, but youll drown out the fighting in the back seat and, subliminally, you’ll be learning all the words to every Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift song!  (-:

Change Begins at Home!

-Michelle & Deb


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