Let's talk emergencies.

You’ve broken down or the car won’t start and you need to get the car towed. This is everyone’s
nightmare (even mine), however you’re not completely stressed out
because you’ve prepaid for a towing service (and if you haven’t and you
do have an older car then DO SO IMMEDIATELY). You are so proud of
yourself, you fish out the towing insurance card and you make the call.
The tow truck arrives and of course “he’s a mechanic and knows exactly
what’s wrong with the car” and insists you need to tow it to his shop.
One small problem, he’s probably NOT a mechanic, he’s probably guessing,
AND he’s being paid by that shop (if he’s a private vendor) or he works for that shop.
This doesn’t mean that you should follow his lead and let him tow you.
If I had a lug nut for every time one of my customers got
towed to some random shop and then got taken advantage of, I’d have
a hernia from carrying that heavy bucket around.


Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t use that free tow, of course pick up that phone
and get that tow truck on their way but while you’re waiting, start
doing some research about where you want the car towed to. If it is
to your regular mechanic, by all means insist on that. If you’re out
of your area go online and do some research (even if you have to
call a friend and have them look it up online). Call the shop
of your choice and explain that you’ve broken down and ask
how quickly the turn around might be, if it’s acceptable
then you tell that driver where YOU want to go. The tow truck driver
might try to convince you that MUST go the shop that is
connected to his truck but this is NOT TRUE so just insist on
going to where you want to and that it’s covered under your
policy (there’s usually a mileage stipulation). Just remember,
you’re in charge and don’t let them convince you otherwise!

Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com


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