Neither Borrows or Lenders Be…..

One of the best ways that I know of to get into an argument with one of your
nearest and dearest family and friends is to either borrow or lend out a vehicle.
Whenever I hear the words “I lent my car to my friend” or “I’m going to lend
it to my cousin” a slight chill runs through me. Now I know many
of you are generous souls and it seems perfectly reasonable to help out
someone in need, but let’s just get this on the record. I HIGHLY ADVISE


Here’s a couple of scenarios that I constantly see. A customer calls up and says,
“I lent my car out and now the front end is making a funny noise, can you possibly
tell me if the problem was there before or is it something my friend did?”.
Or, “I lent my car to my brother and he hit someone but says it’s my fault because
the brakes were faulty, is that true?” Or, “I lent my car out and now there’s a
scratch on the side door and I know it wasn’t there before, what should I do?”
There’s really not much to say to them because by this point they realize
they’ve made a grave mistake. Usually I can’t resist a little shake of my head
while smiling (I never claimed to be a saint).

Whenever I have the chance to chime in ahead of time my sage advice is
to do what I do.
Only lend out your car:
1. To someone who gives the same level of care to their things that you give to yours.
2. To someone who can afford to repair any damage they incur.
3. To someone who will NOT moan and groan that “it wasn’t their fault.”
4. To anyone that for whatever reason, you have no choice but to lend it to them (maybe in an emergency?)

Failing all those tests. Don’t do it. It’s really not worth the headache.



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