6 Easy Steps To Turn Your Actions Into Dreams

by Kristi Frank

His baby blues changed it all… and thank goodness!

When my son Tyler was born… that was it. Becoming a mom changed everything. Yes, it was the beginning of true selflessness and the end of selfishness; but for me, there was also guilt, fear, and pure LOVE. I wanted, no, needed to stay at home to raise my son and I felt so fortunate to be able to do so.

The first year I was obsessed with being a mommy and all the baby stuff – naps, feeding, burping and getting him to sleep through the night. I was pumping, tired, and TIRED, with a strange feeling of losing everything I was. After a little over a year at home, I slowly and consistently began thinking about how to regain a sense of self. I didn’t feel sexy or inspired anymore, instead I felt spent. I was out of shape and even simple daily activities like taking a shower, getting dressed, and putting on make-up seemed like a distant dream. I wanted to talk about things that were exciting to me, wanted to get out of the house and be a woman again… wanted to reawaken my passion. My love for my son was growing, but so was my desire to do meaningful work from home and be successful doing something I loved for ME again!

But How?

The process of turning my dreams into action went something like this. During this time, I was frustrated and tired. Finding the energy to start something seemed impossible. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or how to do it. Fortunately, I was brought into a new world. It was after meeting and working with Donald Trump during my stint on season one of ‘The Apprentice’ that I met a man named Dan Kennedy. I was asked to speak at various seminars he was hosting and even endorsed some of his business books.

I dove headfirst into this new world. I knew nothing about it, except the promise of working from anywhere, creating products from what you knew, and making significant amounts of money…it was the amazing world of “Info-Marketing.”

The Business of Selling Information

Today, “Informational Marketing” is simply a term for the “business of selling information.” The information can be whatever information you want, and that’s the key. Do you know how to make the best homemade baby food? Can you scrapbook, knit, or teach amazing tomato gardening tricks? Teach someone how to start a salsa dancing class? The ideas are as endless as the information we hold! This was so exciting to me. Finally, a perfect job for us MOMS! I was obsessed with learning everything I could about it. I went out and studied with the best minds in info-marketing. I hosted an info-marketing DVD entitled ‘The Phenomenon’ with Glazer-Kennedy and gained access to all of the top info-marketers in the world. I purchased every book I could get my hands on, joined Mastermind Groups, and asked for all the meetings and advice I could handle.

The Women of Info-Marketing

During the last seminar I attended with Mr. Kennedy’s group, I looked around the audience and noticed something remarkable – at least 50% of the attendees were female, yet the experts conducting the seminar were all men! What? This was a wake-up call for me. I’ve always been passionate about helping other women, but this was troubling to say the least. It gave me my first idea for an online business. I wanted to create a step-by-step blueprint for women, in our language, with all the concerns and desires that we as women have. I wanted to create a tool to help other women like me, desiring the unique and opportunistic experience of working at home. I wanted, no, needed, to teach other moms how they could stay at home with their children, explore their passions, and create financial success for themselves and their families.

So I did.

The first site I created I called http://www.BlowdryBootcamp.com which was developed out of my frustration of not being able to do my hair like the salon. I wanted to share with other women how to get that salon experience everyday, at home. And so, BlowdryBootcamp.com was born.

Next came http://www.SaturdayMorningSuccess.com, a place where powerful women came together weekly to help other women. This was a network of the top women experts, CEOs and coaches in the country, brought together with the sole purpose of giving other women their #1 best secrets for success.

And Now?

I’ve created a new partnership with one of Info-marketing’s brightest young stars, and we’re launching new products together that I believe are some of the best out there. But best of all, I’m primarily working from home, taking my son to and from preschool, feeling complete satisfaction from and passion for what I’m doing, and finally experiencing a sense of freedom I never thought was possible as a “mommy at home.” I’m also so proud that I can help my husband with the finances for our family and our lifestyle, especially during these difficult economic times.

How about you? Are you seeking more happiness, more meaning, more time, more money? The number one question I am asked is, “How do I begin??” Let me start by posing a question, then we’ll dive into the six steps.

Here it is: What would you be doing if you had $100 Million in the bank?

Remember when you were young and all those dreams seemed real and possible? Here are six ways to get you back into that creative, powerful state and get you on the path to action. What moves you? What is that wonderful passionate idea that comes to you when you are in your most powerful unafraid state? My power state is usually after I’ve slept nine hours, exercise and sit down with my morning cup of coffee. That’s when I do my most powerful goal planning. When that’s done, it’s important to IMMEDIATELY put it into easy actionable steps. Here are my six powerful steps for turning dreams into action:

1. Create a list of your passions, your interests, your long lost desires. What makes you happy? What do you love to do? What would you do for hours just for fun? Importantly, don’t worry and don’t censor – who cares if you put down fame and fortune – don’t judge yourself – this is what you feel right now and it’s okay. And you may have trouble with this at first… everyone usually does – keep dreaming and make it fun.

2. Talk to the supportive friends in your life about what they see you doing – you will be surprised how they see you and it might be a good way to think outside of yourself… collaborate and have fun with it!

3. Get into ACTION mode! Take a class, read a book, take a walk, talk to your friends. I like to take walks outside – it’s my most powerful “thinking time” that’s all mine. Action creates movement. Get into action and watch what opens up.

Remember to be open to the ideas that excite you, and don’t forget to write down good ideas.


4. What are you waiting for? (What 3 actions could you take today to move yourself forward?)

5. Tell everyone! Don’t be shy – you can start with, “I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this,” and watch what happens – let it out!

6. Show me the way – find a mentor! Get in touch with someone who has the answers… it’s so much faster to ask the way than spending too much time researching and figuring it out. Ask someone to show you the way, i.e., ask what they did, what were their first steps to getting started? Enlist their help!

And last, but not least… do it now! Have fun with this and go turn your dreams into actionable reality! I can’t tell you how many women just like you and me have done this for themselves, and ended up benefitting everyone in their lives… with the most important person being you!

Here’s to your never-ending dreams, and your inevitable success!


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