I’m constantly asking my mechanic to check my whole car out for me

but even after a fairly recent visit something will break again. Why can’t

he just fix it all at once? Gloria



Guilty as charged! We have this issue all the time with people. It’s one

of the most common questions I’m asked. First off it’s virtually impossible

to “fix everything” and anyone who tells you they can are just full of it.

A mechanic can not look into the future and decide what will break next.

Now there are many things that can be checked and seen to be in need of

repair and things that look like they’re on their way out but that’s about it.

Also there are many things, that to even see them, you have to disassemble

entire areas and it’s just not worth it.

I’ve seen some of these dealer estimates that people bring here and it just

cracks me up sometimes with some of the things that they suggest. I assume

that in a lot of cases they’re going by what’s typical for that age and model of

car but I find it quite distasteful to sell people things they don’t need just because

something broke on someone else’s vehicle. Instead of griping that you’re mechanic

is not changing everything under the hood be grateful that he isn’t, sounds like you

might have found one of the very few honest ones.



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