“Let’s deal”


Happy Friday MAMAS!

MAMAs know that we must try our best to make a bad hand into a good one, but, utlimately we have to play the hand we’re dealt…in cards, in politics and in life.

This week, it’s been all about the debt ceiling. There won’t be enough money in the kiddy to pay up on bets we’ve already made (the wars, tax cuts, prescription drug plans, bailouts, stimulus), unless Congress raises the debt ceiling. Super – we are gambling with the full faith and credit of the United States of America and the unknown consequences of default. If we can’t “fish a wish” on this one, then what?  It doesn’t matter which political party “wins” the game, because we – the people – lose when our government doesn’t work.

We expect Congress to stop the partisan poker match and come up with a wild card solution for the good of the country. Someone’s gotta blink. Folding is not an option.

MAMAs, play a little go fish, gin, hit me or shoot the moon with the KID-Os this weekend…we bet they’ll know how to cut the deck fairly and squarely!

Change begins at home.

– Michelle & Deb


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