He Doesn’t Hate Art! (Whew!)

This past year, my five-year-old has vehemently asserted that he hates art. Colby didn’t want to draw, he didn’t want to paint, he didn’t want anything to do with anything artsy. His preschool teachers noticed this, too, and admitted that he likely was only opposed to art because at school, art time came at the same time as “fun room” time, and they took turns for who did art and who did fun room time. Colby, being the superboy he is, always wanted fun room time. He’s a dude. He needs to conquer things, like slides and trampolines. Can’t say I blame him.

I will admit, I was bummed when he avoided anything artsy. I love art. I love getting messy with paint and creating something out of nothing.
The past couple of weeks, though, Colby has been much more interested in art. Today, he showed his true artsiness and I couldn’t help but capture his concentration and pride. To think, this wooden gecko only cost $1 and kept him busy for about 40 minutes!



“Hey, Mom, ask me what I’m making,” he says with a smile.


“Wook! My hands are bwoo!”

The final product!

He’s very excited to play with his gecko after it dries over night. I asked what he was going to name his gecko and he answered “Jaguar.” I’m sure that has nothing to do with the fact that he had just watched Go Diego, Go!.

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