Rosie Pope: Maternity Concierge & Reality TV Star

Pregnant in Heels is a docu-drama following Rosie Pope, a maternity concierge to the most affluent, expecting mothers in New York City. Each week, Rosie guides two soon-to-be mothers through the joys and perils of preparing to have a baby. Rosie opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about some of her “outlandish clients,” her struggles with infertility and her two boys J.R. and “Baby Wells.”


CBS: Congratulations on the arrival of baby Wellington! How’s he doing?

RP: “Wellington ‘Baby Wells’ as we call him, is doing really well and just turned 12 weeks. He is such a sweet happy baby and it warms my heart every time he smiles. I still can’t quite believe he is here, and I pinch myself every morning. We truly are so blessed to be the parents of two wonderful boys, James and Wells.”

CBS: Are you and your hubby hoping to try for a girl?

RP: “I would love to have another baby. It is hard to know how that will happen for us with our history, but if we are blessed with another baby that would be amazing. I truly don’t mind however whether it is a girl or a boy.”

CBS: We hear you struggled with infertility after your first child J.R. Tell us about your experience and the procedures you underwent.

RP: “Holy moly where to begin?! I discovered I had a heart-shaped uterus and after surgery didn’t ovulate again. After various different medications to try and kick start the engine, it didn’t work and we moved to IVF. After two failed attempts, we discovered I was pregnant but it was an ectopic pregnancy. I can’t tell you how hard it was to learn that I was indeed pregnant but there was no way we could keep the baby. The usual medications administered to stop the ectopic pregnancy from growing didn’t work and so I was rushed into emergency surgery to prevent my fallopian tube from rupturing. They ended up removing both the ectopic pregnancy and fallopian tube. My husband and I were about to start another round of IVF when we learned we were pregnant again but this time with a healthy baby in the right place – truly a miracle.”

CBS: Tell us about being a maternity concierge. What is this and who is your clientele?

RP: “As a maternity concierge I cater to my pregnant clients’ every need. This can be everything from providing all the childbirth, parenting and fitness classes they need in preparation for birth as well as a full wardrobe, occasion dresses, nursery design and baby shower planning. You name it, I do it.
I have an amazing team of experts that I work with and together we help my clients not only get prepared for parenthood but celebrate in the process. In addition to my concierge business I also have a full line of maternity clothes and diaper bags, Rosie Pope Maternity, as well as MomPrep studios at which we teach everything from prenatal Pilates through to Baby CPR. So you don’t just have to be a concierge client to use the services we provide.

The concierge clients range from your busy business woman in NYC who doesn’t have time to do much of the planning and preparation herself all the way through to NYC socialites and celebs who want the best of everything. But I do want to emphasize that we strive to make sure what my concierge clients can experience privately everyone can experience at my MomPrep studios in a class setting.”

CBS: What are some of the birthing trends you’re seeing among your clients?

RP: “I am certainly seeing more women wanting to try a labor without any form of pain relief medications and also more interest in breast feeding. People also want to learn about alternate ways to deliver (at home, water birth, etc.) but ultimately I am seeing them choose to deliver at a hospital rather than these alternate techniques. I think there are so many options these days people like to learn about all of them and then choose what is best for them and the baby, which is the way it should be after all.”

CBS: Tell us about your role on Pregnant in Heels. What can we expect to see on the upcoming episodes?

RP: “Pregnant in Heels tracks me and 16 of my more outlandish clients and their highs and lows in the last few weeks of their pregnancies. They each have outrageous requests which I do my best to fill while also reminding them of what is important….the baby! The show also follows my personal battle with infertility.”

CBS: SNL just did a skit on your show! An honor or a dis?

RP: “The SNL skit was absolutely an honor! It has never felt so good to be made fun of, and I am thrilled that the show is being so discussed.”

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