Auntie Anne’s Pretzels at Home?! Seriously.

When I was asked to try out Auntie Anne’s at-home pretzel making kit, my mouth automatically watered. I immediately thought of the delicious aroma that surrounds my favorite snack spot in the mall and was excited to have the same delicious, buttery scent wafting through my own house. For fun (and because I am totally insane), I decided to bring my four kids in on this culinary adventure.

Here’s how it went:

Step One: Pose for camera.


I determined that my kids were neither patient nor buff enough to do the heavy mixing of dough, so I mixed it together with the promise that they could mush it a little bit, too. Of course, one of my two-year-old twins decided that eating the dough sounded like way more fun:


Mmm. Yeast.

There was some drama over whose turn it was to knead the dough, but my six-year-old maintained control over the situation while looking over the easy-to-read instructions:


The instructions called for the dough to rise, which none of us had the patience for, so I popped it in a warm, moist oven for about 30 minutes, which worked perfectly.

When it came time to roll the dough, I had hopes that my kids would be able to handle it. After all, they are Play-Dough masters; I figured this wasn’t all that different. In actuality, rolling the dough was not their idea of a good time.

Wyatt poked at his and gave me a look of, “You’re kidding me, right?”


My four-year-old, Lily, got a lot more into it, and actually wanted to learn how to make a true pretzel shape (which was a lot simpler than I had expected it to be, thanks to the instructions).


In the end, I ended up doing most of the pretzel creating, but it definitely was fun to get messy with the kids. On the package of Auntie Anne’s, it recommended creating your own pretzel letters, so that’s exactly what I did:


Lemme tell you, The Balancing Act never tasted so delicious.

The kit made about 7 decently-sized pretzels, plus The Balancing Act creation, and came with cinnamon and sugar and salt to top them with. They turned out as delicious as the mall’s Auntie Anne’s and made my house smell yummy and buttery, too.

Delicious? Check.

Easy-to-read-instructions? Check.

Quick snack? Notsomuch.

Fun project to do with kids? Check.

Did I mention delicious?

Lindsay Maddox wanders through shopping malls drooling over the scent of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. She also contributes to My Life Monday on The Balancing Act’s blogging community and is the author behind Silly Mom Thoughts, a blog dedicated to chronicling the hilarity of raising four small kids (including twins). You can stalk her here and here.


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