Forty and FabuLASH!

“A woman’s most powerful possession is a man’s imagination.” Miss Maybelline 1934


This morning, I started my week with forty glossy coats of mascara. “Forty winks” if you will.

Why the added (lash) drama you may wonder? Fluttering my over- the- top lush lashes is my tribute to

my favorite bright green and pink tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara who’s turns 40 this week!


This is not just any mascara. No no no. This is a great mascara. In fact, a tube of Great Lash Mascara is sold every 1.7 seconds in the US and is

coveted by makeup artists, celebrities and beauty mavens everywhere who are serious about working their wink.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara made its beautymark launching in 1971.

The tubes signature bold colors were created by, then up-and-coming, designer Lilly Pulitzer.

Something especially fascinating to me is that through the years the formula has never changed. Never. The recipe is one of the best kept beauty secrets of the bizz.

Great Lash may be turning forty today but she has not lost her eye appeal, she continues her long and lengthy reign as THE number one selling mascara with 20 million pieces sold each year (!) and quite frankly, she is looking as fabuLASH as ever!

Although the formula hasn’t changed boy oh boy is she getting a gorgeous makeover.

Today, in celebration of forty years of fabulous, Maybelline has partnered up with designers Max Azria, Tracy Reese and Vivienne Tam to create three glam, fashion forward designs boldly wrapped around each tube of Great Lash. These designs are limited and can be found exclusively at Target ( unless you live close-by … I assure you I have wiped the shelves clean.

See, Great Lash and I go way back. Growing up I can recall my Mom having a few items in her makeup drawer:

A blue hairbrush the color of a robins egg (or Tiffany box), a lipstick and a single tube of Great Lash mascara.

It was the discovery of this magic formula at this early age that my love-obsession of lashes began.

By 12yrs old I had my very own tube tucked in my purse. I spent an incredible amount of time in the mirror, mouth open, painting and painting and p.a.i.n.t.i.n.g this lush black lacquer to my lashes, never leaving home without at least one glossy coat. This is still my one cosmetic item I would choose to take on an Island with me.

Nothing made me feel more beautiful or more grown up. Nothing makes me feel more beautiful today.

Mascara has not only shaped and defined my lashes it has shaped and defined the woman I’ve become today.

Now thats something to batt your lashes at.

“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe its Maybelline.” …. whatever it is it sure looks GREAT on you! Happy Birthday Beauty.

Wielding wands and unleashing lashes, Mikaela and Georgio Fernandez


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