Yes it’s been a while, I’ve been running back and forth to LA for work and one thing I see each time I visit is how everyone has their own sense of style.

It’s pretty amazing. From the downtown girl to the mom with child, even the dads have that extra flair. It’s really eye appealing. Now I might be wrong for saying that because it’s not all about looks and that’s just the exterior, but honestly…it’s really a pleasure to be out at a café or even at target and look around to see everyone cutely dressed.

Maybe it’s because that’s the land of celebrity.

I realized that there really isn’t much of a difference between a celebrity mom and a non celebrity mom except that a celebrity mom takes more risks with their clothes. That is it.

It really takes such little effort to put a little glam in your outfit.

Whether you’re going grocery shopping, taking the young one to the park or just driving the kids to soccer practice mom’s can still look cute. It takes one or two extra pieces to change an outfit from ordinary into your own!


Moms, I know that you’re thinking,” Why do I have to dress up, I don’t need to impress anyone.” Or “I’m just going to pick up the kids, why do I need add a scarf to my outfit?” The answer is,”you don’t” but when you look good you feel good, remember that?! When you’re going out and you throw on that dress, put on your make up , add your accessories , do your hair and slide into your heels, don’t you feel like a lady, don’t you feel feminine, attractive and ooops…sexy!  I bet you do.

So why not take an extra 5 minutes for yourself and get a little cuter.

Just for this week, as an experiment, take time for you and add something special to your outfit before you run out. Do it only for yourself and I bet by the end of the week you’ll feel a little more sassy!

Moms (including Celebrity moms) come in all ages and styles. Figure out your style and dive in!!

Here are a few ideas:

Trade your t-shirt in for a bright colored shirt, add a belt and a few accessories (necklace, bangles, watch, earrings), add your sunglasses and out you go.


If you’re wearing shorts and a tank in neutral colors why not add a pop of color through a hat or a colorful leather band on your watch or handbag. Pair it with sandals, dangling earrings and a bangle. For more excitement add a light weight scarf.

For simple leggings add a wrap around your head and cute sandals.


Sporting a sundress or a sun skirt? Go Boho chic by adding a long necklace, put your hair in a side braid and tie a scarf around the end and let it hang and add platform sandals.


Add a vest or sleeveless long cardigan to your t/shirt and jeans. Tuck in your t/shirt and add a belt with a matching leather watch and matching leather sandals.


Just by adding a belt, sandals, a great statement bracelet and bag makes the difference between an outfit and a little edge.


On a side note, when experimenting with color, use neutrals and add your pop of color to only one piece like you shirt or just your bottoms, Keep accessories neutral as well.

Enjoy the week and if you have questions visit me at

Or follow me at



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