Auntie Annes Pretzel Dogs


I am The World’s Most Fabulous Aunt to nine nieces and nephews. They are all over the food map. One young niece is a vegetarian. Actually, she is the easiest to feed because as long as it is meat free she follows the house rule of eating what I serve. On the other end are my fussy eater nephews who think anything remotely healthy will kill him. The only vegetable they will eat is potato chips and their mother allows them to eat my desserts as their main course.

That makes cooking for a family gathering a challenge. I want something fun and healthy for everyone. Veggie dogs and nitrate free hotdogs are my summer food weapon of choice.

I always run out of hot dog buns during a party. It. Never. Fails.

Fortunately as a Balancing Act Community Blogger, they asked me if I wanted to try baking something fun with Auntie Annes At Home Baking Kit, which I saw on The Balancing Act August 16th.

Since both my husband and I haven’t met a warm soft pretzel with mustard we could refuse, I agreed to try the Auntie Annes At Home Baking Kit. Although me being me, I couldn’t just make pretzels with it. I wanted to kick it up a bit.

Last weekend we hosted a gathering with the smorgasbord of kid eaters. I broke out the kit and headed off a potential hotdog bun shortage by making soft pretzel dogs. No buns required.

I normally don’t go for meals in a box but in this case it’s my party and I don’t want to spend all if it in the kitchen I have to. I skipped making bread maker soft pretzel dough and used Auntie Annes At Home Baking Kit to make the dough for the soft pretzel dogs instead.

• To keep the hotdogs from drying out during baking I slipped them into hot tap water while I rolled and cut the dough into one inch strips.

• I wrapped the dough strips around the hot dogs.

• I did a quick dip the wrapped dogs into baking soda dissolved in hot water. This is SO much easier than bread maker pretzels, which require boiling the dogs in water on the stove before baking. With the Auntie Annes kit, the kids can help me in the kitchen where the younger ones can’t when I make bread maker soft pretzels.

• Then I baked the pretzel dogs for five minutes. I pulled them out of the oven, gave the baking sheet a turn and baked them for another five minutes. The shorter than the twenty-five minute bread maker pretzel baking time makes Auntie Annes my new BFF.

The light fluffy pretzel dogs won raves from the vegetarian, the picky kids, the not so picky kids, and the biggest kid of all, my husband.

I get to keep my title of World’s Most Fabulous Aunt for one more summer.



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