Criticism for You


Have you ever struggled taking constructive criticism like I do? I just found a clever way to learn from it and wanted to share it with you.

Last Monday I gave a presentation and felt I had done a really good job. But when it was over, a colleague asked if I could handle his honest feedback. You probably know what was next.

He proceeded to tear me apart. Normally, I would try to defend my actions. But this time, I tried to find additional reasons on why he was right! And with that little trick, I was taking the feedback in stride and finding ways to improve.

The next time you are being criticized, try the same strategy. Don’t think of ways to defend yourself, instead think of ways to support the criticism. It may do the same of you as me and open yourself up for big time improvement.


One thought on “Criticism for You

  1. I had someone come in to my shop and rip it to pieces. She was actually jealous I had rented the building. She had wanted to put a shop there but her husband said “no”. She hit me with everything from no curb appeal, type of display, and her grand exit…”I can’t tell if this is a flea market, thrift store of antique shop. I see nothing I’d want to buy.” Crushed? Yes! But I knew her history with the building and promised her I’d not talk about her behind her back. I lied. However, I kept my cool and after she left I took a close look at my space. I could make it better and I did. So I agree with you. It opened me up for the improvement my shop needed. I still talk about her behind her back.

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