Josh Kelley Loves Katherine Heigl "Even More" Now That She's A Mom


Singer-songwriter Josh Kelley and wife, actress Katherine Heigl, are proud parents to 2-year-old daughter Naleigh. Since becoming a dad, Josh has partnered up with ConAgra Foods Foundation’s Hunger-Free Summer program with Feeding America to help hungry kids across the nation.

The “dada” of one opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his famous wife whom he calls “a great mom,” dealing with the ever-present paparazzi, plans for baby No. 2, and his sweet daughter: “She’s the cutest girl in the world.”

CBS: How is Naleigh doing? What is she into these days?

JK: “She is doing great. She’s running around everywhere and talking so much. She’s the cutest girl in the world. She loves to sing and loves when dada reads her books.”

CBS: Is she into potty training yet? If so, how is that going?

JK: “She just started! She’s doing great. Only a few accidents so far, but she loves being out of daipers.”

CBS: How do you and Katherine deal with the ever-present paparazzi while you’re out and about Naleigh?

JK: “Honestly, we both understand that it is something we have to deal with in the realm of our chosen career paths. We live in Utah for most of the year, so we don’t have to deal with it there. It’s a really peaceful existence.”

CBS: Tell us what kind of mom Katherine is. Any plans for baby No. 2? Another adoption, or maybe a biological child?

JK: “She’s a really great mom. I love her even more when I think about what a great mom she is to Naleigh. We are taking it one child at a time. No plans for baby No. 2 right now, but you never know when it may happen.”

CBS: Is Naleigh showing any signs of walking in your rockstar footsteps? Or maybe mama’s acting footsteps?

JK: “She loves music. She has perfect pitch, too. I think she’ll be a singer.”

CBS: Any upcoming plans for Father’s Day?

JK: “I’ll be playing a show in Grand Rapids, MI on Father’s Day so I don’t know what my girls have planned. I guess I’ll be surprised. I look forward to just spending time with my family.”

CBS: Tell us about partnering up with ConAgra Foods Foundation’s Hunger-Free Summer program with Feeding America.

JK: “As a dad, I can’t imagine a world where my daughter would ever be hungry. So when I hear that there are millions of kids at risk of hunger, especially during the summer when school is out, I knew I had to get involved. I’m working with the ConAgra Foods Foundation to help raise awareness about the issue and how people can get help and give help.”

CBS: Please give us an idea of how many kids go hungry over the summer in America. How can we help out?

JK: “During the school year, there are 21 million kids who get free or reduced-price lunches at school. During the summer, there are only 2.3 million kids enrolled in similar programs. That means there are 18 million kids that are unaccounted for during the summer – we don’t know where they are getting their meals.

Through the Hunger-Free Summer Program, the ConAgra Foods Foundation has pledged $5 million to Feeding America over five years to expand summer meal programs to more children in more places. If you want to give help, or if your family needs to get help, you can visit”

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