Losing Your Heart To A Kiss


I never thought last Saturday night would find me standing in the back yard, at the end of a party, kissing a stranger. But, then, this is my life, and stranger things have happened.

Looking in the mirror, I grabbed my new tube of rose petal lip-gloss and brushed another coat over my already rosy colored lips. Kissable, I thought. Of course, I haven’t been kissed in a good while, haven’t even had time to think about romance, trying to make my shop work its first year. Tonight I felt like tempting fate. This gloss had a shimmer to it that might catch the moonlight and spark some interest! If nothing else, it made me feel glamorous, where I had been sweating all day at the shop, and needed a pick-me-up to feel feminine.

My vintage rhinestone studded watch gave me the bad news. Once again I was running late. I don’t know why I can’t be on time. No matter how I try, there is a fifteen minute window between the time I am to be somewhere, and the time I arrive. It is genetic, I am sure. I can’t even fool myself to be on time.

Classic example – a week ago I was meeting a girl friend for dinner and we were planning what time to meet. We both live five minutes from the local pub. How difficult is that?

“So is six-thirty good for you?”  That is our normal time. But I am never on time.

“Let’s plan on six-thirty, but really meet at six-forty-five!” I started to laugh. “That way, I’ll have my fifteen minute window to be late, and we can both arrive at the same time!” I made a mental note, be there at six-thirty. Damn if I didn’t arrive at seven and she was grinning and drinking a Margarita.

Sue me! I can’t help myself. Crap! I embarrass myself. I am glad I am not employed anymore, but run my own shop.

If I hurry, I’ll still catch the music. I clipped on my puffy heart silver earrings. Yes, I did say clip, I never had my ears pierced. When you have dogs yapping in your face, as I have had my entire life, you don’t want an excited pup to grab and pull an earring! Ouch.

The band was playing on the newly installed outdoor stage when I arrived. I found two friends and sat down on a low stonewall next to them. “This is wonderful!” We looked at each other and nodded in agreement. The back yard of the house was aglow from lights strung from one end to another. The air was soft and dry, a slight breeze made it the most perfect of summer nights. The humidity all week had been killer. Tonight gave hope of cooler days to come. I was not sweating, but glowing with excitement!

The musicians were at a peak energy level. This was their night of celebration after months of hard physical labor, in the hottest summer ever, to meet an opening deadline for the new school. My smile was huge, a Cheshire cat would not have smiled wider. I kept beat with the spiritual blue-grass music, moving my feet as if I were up dancing.

Kids were running all over the yard in country style cotton dresses, baggy shorts, bare feet, cheeks flushed, giggling and poking at each other. I was so happy I thought my heart had expanded to include the universe. As if the evening was not perfect enough, one of the musicians saw me and called out to the audience, “Let’s give a hand to Barbara and her support. She has a shop across the street!” I waved like I was someone special and felt at home among friends. I was a part of something larger than myself.

As the evening started to wind down, I wanted to say hello to the father of the young musician who had started this school. He was a widower, visiting from out of town, and watching him on stage with his family, I could see he was happy and excited, dancing with friends and hugging everyone between songs. I wanted to congratulate him on his son’s accomplishments.

I saw him heading off the stage to the side gate and ran up next to him. Putting my hand out to shake his, I smiled and started to speak. Words never left my lips. He put his hands on either side of my face, pulled me towards him, and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. When we stopped kissing, I gazed into his eyes that were dark and sparkling with life. Perhaps that kiss came from the magic of the evening, or too many glasses of wine, I didn’t care.

I blurted out, “That was lovely!”

He put his arms around me and we kissed several more times.

“Is someone going to whoop my butt for this?” He playfully asked me as his face came close to mine again.

“No. I am here by myself.” I barely had time to finish my sentence.

We kissed one more time, then his son tugged his arm and he was gone.

I turned to head back to my friends.

“Who was that? Did you know him?” One of the gals had been watching closely.

“No. But I think those kisses will carry me through the rest of this year!” I did not plan on anything further, but for an instant in time, time stood still with the kiss from a stranger. If I had been on time to the event, a proper introduction would most likely have taken place rather than a moment of spontaneity at the end of the night. I may rethink my issues on being on time and go easier on myself!

Getting into my car to head home, I pulled down the visor to see if a kiss had changed me in any way. I had been stressed all week, and now I was giddy and relaxed. The first thing I noticed, one puffy heart earring was missing. I knew it must have fallen off when we kissed and was somewhere back in the yard. Let it be, I thought as I flipped the visor up and cranked my car to leave. Perhaps like Cinderella’s slipper, a handsome prince will find my lost earring, and return it to me someday. My remaining earring is a reminder that at any time something magical can happen to change an ordinary day into one that makes you feel like a princess.

Losing my heart to a kiss of a stranger has made me romantic about life again.

Barbara Barth, CEO of Life


2 thoughts on “Losing Your Heart To A Kiss

  1. OMG! MY heart was beating reading this! I love, love, love this, Barbara! I especially love your puff heart earring, lying on the ground, witness to this breathtaking, unexpected kiss! As girls (okay, women) don’t we all remember those first kisses, and the way they can take our breath (and sometimes, reason) away? I hope you are still wearing your giddy smile! xo – Ginger

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