Pay Attention

You’re driving down the road and all of a sudden you start to see smoke

coming out of the engine compartment, what do you do? PULL OVER



While it’s true we repair shops make plenty of money off of people who

don’t follow this easy piece of advice, I just can’t allow it to go on. A lot

of newer vehicles have cylinder heads that are made of aluminum and when they

heat up (which they do when the car overheats) they will crack. This

event can happen almost immediately (even though a warranty

company recently refused to pay for a cracked head because they said

the customer didn’t stop his car quickly enough, uh huh).  I’ve heard

countless customers discount the importance of this step

saying “I couldn’t pull over right away” or “I just drove to the nearest

mechanic” or “I let it cool off and then started it up and drove and it

happened again.” Not good.

So here’s what you do if you overheat. Pull over immediately and shut

the car off. Get on the phone with your mechanic and call a tow truck.

If you can’t do that for some reason (your cell phone was shut off because

you haven’t paid the bill?), then, wait for it to cool down and open the hood. You could open the hood first but it might inspire you to touch something and you should

definitely not touch it until it cools off.  After it’s completely cool, open

the radiator cap and fill it up with water. Start the vehicle and check to see

if it’s pouring out, if so, shut it down and get a mechanic. If it’s not pouring out

then slowly make your way to a mechanic while watching the gauge. If it

heats up again right away, shut it down and get a mechanic. If there’s a slow

leak or the thermostat is faulty you might be able to travel a small distance

while watching the gauge and filling it back up with water again (after it cools

again). Whatever you do DON’T LET IT OVERHEAT A SECOND TIME, so ignore everything I just said and call mechanic you trust, period.



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