Entrepreneur of ALL Entrepreneurs!


The Entrepreneur’s Group, formed by member Jeanette Lauture, was one of the very first groups to gather on Butterfly. Jeanette wrote, “Let’s share good business practices and make our individual business even more successful.” Three hundred Butterfly members have since joined “Entrepreneurs” aiming to connect as visionaries, inventors, and pioneers. One such Butterfly mom is Siggy Flicker.

Siggy Flicker is a 44-year old mother of two children, she is an ex-wife and a fiancée, she is a sister, a daughter, and she is a professional New York City Matchmaker & Life Coach! Siggy’s greatest passion in life has been to help change the lives of others… so much so that the VH1 network has created a show for Siggy and her expertise on a new 1-hour reality TV segment called, “Why am I Still Single?” Airing this Sunday, October 16th at 9pm EST on VH1, I invite you to get to know Siggy, a fellow Butterfly mom, member and entrepreneur.

I believe the late Steve Jobs would have greatly admired the Entrepreneur’s group (Siggy and Jeanette) because Steve Jobs was just that: a great visionary, inventor and a pioneer. Steve was, as you know, the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. He IS too like you (believe it), an entrepreneur who follows dreams – one who provides new tools for others to succeed. Steve has given us the gift of the personal computer and has changed the face of mobile communications forever.

As an entrepreneur, what do you provide? With Butterfly I hope to provide a global platform for smart and savvy mothers to join forces in the pursuit of work/life harmony. And, while I cannot offer even a morsel of Steve’s technological genius or match you with a man, I proudly call myself an entrepreneur. Thank you to Steve Jobs, Siggy Flicker and Jeanette Lauture for your inspiration.


Co-Founder and Mother

Work/Life Advocate


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