Welcome ONE BORED MOMMY – Courtney Hutson to our Blogging Family!


This SAHM (stay at home mommy) of four, ages 10, 7, 5, and 3 moved from California to Connecticut over the Winter of 2008. After suffering from SEVERE cabin fever and reading an article on Yahoo about “MOMMY BLOGGING”, she hopped into action, creating “THE ONE BORED MOMMY BLOGSPOT”.

Since then, the One Bored Mommy Blogspot has not only been a place for mommies & daddies (and even Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles) to come learn about the newest products & must haves for the family, but it’s also become a community on Facebook (CLICK HERE) and a great place to go enter awesome giveaways, find discounts for your favorite stores and so much more!

Courtney Hutson has also enjoyed a little t.v. time in the past year, being a part of a segment on The Nate Berkus Show (with Dr. Oz) and on the Dr. Oz Show as well. She’s very excited to be a part of “THE BALANCING ACT” community, as every day for her is “A BALANCING ACT” in itself.


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