The Latest Fashion Craze: Consignment Shopping by Jeanette Scott


With budgets tighter than ever, fashionistas across the country are turning to the latest trend in fashion: consignment shopping! The reason is simple. Fashionable women are finding that consignment stores now offer current trends and favorite brands and that shopping consignment makes their dollar stretch! Long gone are the dusty, out-of-style clothes that once existed in thrift shops in years past. Today’s better consignment shops are a pleasant surprise to shoppers and are more like shopping at a mini-Saks or Nordstrom. You can often find crazy-good deals such as a $2000 Louis Vuitton bag for $599, a $1800 St. John’s suit for $350 or even a $130 Chico’s jacket for $35. Shopping is not just about finding great clothes anymore – it’s about who got the best deal and the thrill of the hunt! Once you shop at consignment stores, you will be hooked and regular retail will seem, well, regular.


Consignment stores also make sense when buying clothing for your children since they outgrow their sizes quickly and need new wardrobes or if you are pregnant and in need of maternity clothing or larger sizes while you loose your baby weight. Don’t have any money for shopping? There is nothing smarter than consigning the perfect condition clothing your family no longer wears, as well as the furniture and decorative items you no longer use, and then using your earnings to purchase items at consignment stores at inexpensive prices. Consignment and resale shops are true jewel in this economy and shopping at these stores is a whole lot more fun than going to the mall. Consignment shopping is not a trend that is going to fade anytime soon, so consider giving it a try today!

Not sure where to start? To find a consignment store near you or to shop online at consignment shops across the country, go to



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