Parenting Quandary… I Need Your Help!

So much has transpired since last week’s “Weekly Wings”… the snow has melted, trees have fallen, power has been lost and restored, (in most areas in the Northeast) and I am STILL trying desperately to mentor my own son.

If you did not read last week’s edition, I will bring you up to speed. In short, son wants iPhone, mom says, “I’M NOT BUYING”, son shovels snow for money and in the end mom is proud. BUT, it was not the “mom taught son the value of a dollar” story that I thought it would be.

You are now up to speed.

Son since texts mom from his perfectly functional, not even 6-month old Blackberry while mom is traveling later that week. No, the text did not read, “I miss you, please come home, Grandma is torturing me.” It read just this: (in my son’s words). “Snow melted I go round neighborhood n rake leaves 4 $. Used dad’s leaf blower n made 50 bucks! Between raking n shoveling I can buy iPhone!!!!!”


Here’s where I desperately NEED YOUR HELP! I wrote you last week, saying firmly, that I would never buy an 11 yr. old an iPhone. But, do I stand my ground when this same 11 yr. old asks if he can use his own money whereas I am merely act as a transportation vehicle to and from the store? I am in a quandary. Jack has learned work ethic and for that I am very proud. He displayed determination and drive and a bit of an entrepreneurial edge to boot.
So my quandary herein lies… Do I let my son buy himself an iPhone with his hard-earned dough? Or, do I stick to my initial belief that it is not necessary for an 11 yr. old to have an iPhone? PLEASE share your thoughts and suggestions on what this mom (that’d be me) is to do? How do we teach our children the value of a dollar while offering them a life well earned and well lived?

Please, help a mother out,


Co-Founder and Mother

Work/Life Advocate


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