Consign away!


As a Fashion Stylist, I specialize in combining pieces from a variety of places to create an eclectic and stylish look for my clients. I normally start at department stores and unique boutiques, then to the outlet stores and, saving the best for last, end up at the consignment stores. There is where I normally find my most unique pieces, the ones that you can’t find anywhere yet finish off the look and at the lowest prices. Consignment Shopping has been a trend for years although it was the “Best Kept Secret” of those who shopped there.

Designers go for inspiration for their newest collections, Fashion Stylists go to search for that one of a kind diamond in the rough and Shoppers go to save money on Designer duds buying at 60-80% off retail costs.

I personally don’t discriminate. You never know, while rummaging through the consignment store racks, when that designer blazer turns out to be the best 15$ you’ve ever spent.

In a time when we are all pinching pennies yet still want to look put together and trendy, consignment shopping definitely serves the purpose.

To  find a consignment store near you or to shop online at consignment shops all across the country go to This site has made things very simple and  done all of the work for you.

If you’ve never gone before here are a few tips to help you begin your journey of recessionista shopping.

1-Go through your own closet and see what you might want to consign out and make a little extra cash.

2-The clothes change and update daily, so I would suggest that you make a list and know what you’re looking for before getting there. That will help you not to get overwhelmed and keep you focused on just the pieces you’re looking for.

3-Make sure you try on what you’re buying. The size might not be what it says because the previous owner might have had it altered.

4- Get on the wish list. Customers who log their requests on the store wish list get first dibs on the highest demanded pieces and these items rarely make it on the sales floor. So if you don’t see what you are looking for, ask to be added to the wish list!  And if your local consignment store doesn’t have what you are looking for, don’t forget to scope out the online store on where you’ll find the best items from consignment shops all across the country.

And remember

Be Glamorous every day!

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