When Toddlers Get a Hold of Pens

Here’s the back story:


My two year old twins, Wyatt and Zander, have decided that they’d rather play than nap at naptime. They’ve been crazy. There have been more poop stories. They’ve been jumping around the room and falling off of the bed. It has been stressful, especially since two two-year-olds minus naps equals craaanky toddlers in the evening.

Since today is a crazy day from start to finish, I needed them to take good naps. After 20 minutes of them playing like nutcases in their room, I decided it was time to separate them.

Zander stayed in their room, Wyatt went into our room. After about 5 minutes of them yelling through the door, “Wy Wyyyy!” “Zannner!” “Are you?!” “Are youuuu?” Everything went quiet.


I was feeling sleepy, so I decided to head back and lie down with Wyatt.

I was expecting to find him like this:

Instead, this is what I found:

It took almost all of my energy not to melt for those big, wanna-be innocent eyes and maintain my Mom Voice.

Did you catch that “Who Me?” Look? No? Well, let’s see that again!


So, I made him clean it up. But wait, it gets worse. I turned around and saw this:


It’s my own darn fault for forgetting that all of the art supplies were in our room. Thankfully, the colors came off the guitar and Wyatt’s arm fairly easily. I’m not so sure about the bedspread, though.

Note to self: Do not leave a toddler in the room with a pen.

Little stinker.


When she isn’t cleaning up the many messes of her four small kids, Lindsay Maddox contributes to My Life Monday on The Balancing Act Blogging Community. She also contributes to her own blog Silly Mom Thoughts. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, too.


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