Why Is It So Hard To Forgive Ourselves? by Courtney Hutson


I find that I have no problem forgiving others, when they have done things to hurt me, my feelings, etc.

But why is it such a challenge, task, chore, and even heart breaker to forgive myself for things I’ve done? Promises I’ve broke? Challenges I’ve faced and handled the wrong way?

Am I the only one that finds this to be true?

Is it pride? I know that other’s aren’t perfect, which makes it easy for me to forgive them. Because I know that sometimes thing just happen, things are said out of thoughtless moments of anger, judgement or hurt. and it’s easy for me to accept apologizes and move on. But I should remember that I’m not perfect either, right?

Why can’t I just let go? I know that I have a GOD that forgives me, just like I forgive others. If there is no judgement there, then why is my will not releasing the past and moving forward? It’s peculiar, right? The struggles of the heart, soul, the spiritual battle that rages behind the scenes, etc.

One thing I know for sure…I am forgiven by the ONE that ultimately needs to forgive me! I am praying that the process of healing from & by forgiving myself will (with lots of prayer and focus) be something that won’t burden me the rest of my life. I know that if my faith and trust is where it need to be…someday I’ll be free of it! I am praying that someday is sooner than later!

Thanks for letting me get a little deep! Sometimes it’s necessary, right? To make us stronger, more positive, influential in an even deeper way and hey…we all struggle with life, right? The past couple months have been a struggle! How do you deal with your struggles?



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